One of the easiest upgrades that you can do to your 2017-2020 F250 or F350 is to upgrade your truck's fog lights. Although they seem like something that is small and insignificant, changing your fog lights can actually make a huge difference when it comes to visibility and safety. For example, if you're one that likes to take your truck off-road every once in a while, then a decent set of fog lights is a must-have. The ones that originally come stock are alright for around-town driving, but they lack a bit when it comes to going off-road. With fog lights as with most things you have a lot of options, which is why we will break down the top brands that you should take a look at if you are in the market for an upgrade. The top brands to look at are Baja Designs, Morimoto, Putco, and Diode Dynamics.
Stage 3's 2017 F250 Off-Roading

LED Conversion Kits Vs Complete Off-Road Light Kits For Super Dutys

Before diving into brands it is important to take a look at what specific options you have. You can either replace the entire stock assembly with an off-road kit, or you can just look into an LED conversion kit for the stock bulbs. Normally the conversion kit is cheaper because all it usually has is the bulbs as opposed to the entire assembly and a special vehicle specific bracket. One conversion kit that we have for sale is the 2017-2020 F250 & F350 Putco Nitro-Lux Pro Zero LED Fog Light Bulb Upgrade Kit. This particular kit comes with everything you need to get the kit installed and running on your 2017-2020 F250 or F350. The lamp and tower of each light were carefully designed to be as small as possible so that they fit perfectly in your Super Duty truck's bulb holder, and each are made out of high-quality aluminum for improved durability. The LED driver is likewise extremely compact, allowing to to be installed and mounted just about anywhere you need. Instead of a failure-prone fan, the Nitro-Lux LED conversion kits use a specialized copper weave cloth heatsink that radiates heat away from the LEDs while making it much easier to install the entire system into a compact space. It is also important to note that this particular kit is NOT DOT-approved for street use. Which basically means it is too bright for the street but will provide what will seem like daylight off-road where you need it the most.

2017-2020 F250 & F350 Putco Nitro-Lux Pro Zero LED Fog Light Bulb Upgrade Kit

Baja Designs Fog Lights For Super Dutys

The first brand to take a look at is Baja Designs. Their 2017-2020 F250 & F350 Baja Designs Squadron Sport Driving/Combo Off-Road LED Fog Light Kit boasts a balanced light pattern to illuminate further down the trail as well as your immediate field of view. Featuring two lights each containing four Cree XP-G2 LEDs crammed into attractive, minimalist housings, the Squadron Sport Edition Driving-Combo LED Lights emit through both the wide cornering and spot lenses with an incredible 1,800 lumens at an efficient 20-watt power draw. This high-performance off-road LED system will help you enjoy nearly 50,000 hours of brighter, more efficient lighting for the most extreme applications. They also feature indestructible housings that are built from hard anodized and powdercoated cast aluminum combined with billet machined aluminum bezels, these heavy-duty LED lights are built to withstand the toughest conditions and off-road trails. Baja Designs incorporates ClearView™ and MoistureBlock™ technology to keep everything from dust to snow to rain water out of your off-roading lighting rig. And if on the off chance that one of your heavy-duty LED lights succumbs to punishment, the assemblies feature replaceable lenses and optics for easy repair and service. After you purchase these, another thing that you will notice is the special mounting kit that comes with these lights. This versatile light mount kit secures your Baja Designs Squadron lights to your existing fog light buckets for a low profile and long-lasting solution. The kit includes two vehicle-specific mounting brackets and a wiring adapter, allowing you to use your factory switch and mounting hardware

Morimoto Fog Lights For Super Dutys

The next brand to take a look at is Morimoto. This particular brand is another one that we have used on Super Duty project builds as you can see from the video below. The set we have available for the newer Super Dutys is the 2017-2020 F250 & F350 Morimoto XB LED Replacement Projector Fog Lights.Each set of Morimoto XB LED Fog Lights is an easy drop-in replacement for stock that doesn't require any permanent modifications, drilling, or wiring. The Morimoto XB Fog Lights are built around a trio of Phillips Luxeon-T LEDs in each light with a 5500K color temperature that produce 1200 raw lumens of light per side. All of that light is harnessed by Morimoto's Kuria Projector Optics into a crisp and clear beam with a definitive cutoff that makes your truck's fog lights much more effective than stock. Morimoto's fog lights feature a heavy-duty cast aluminum housing and a thick polycarbonate lens that helps them survive everyday abuses both on and off the road. The lights also have a plug-and-play, drop-in design and are SAE and DOT approved for street use. How it works is, Morimoto's XB LEDs drop right into place of your F250 or F350's factory fog lights and together generate up to 2400 raw lumens of light that's harnessed by specially-designed projector lenses to give you and your Super Duty a crisp cutoff and clear beam path that greatly improves your F250 or F350's visibility at night and in inclement weather.

Putco Lights For Super Dutys

Similar to the Morimoto ones above, the Putco lights that we have available are direct stock style replacements. The 2017-2020 F250 & F350 Putco Luminix High-Power LED Fog Lights (2400 Lumens) drop right into place of your factory fog lights without cutting and provide a massive boost in output to the tune of 2400 raw lumens. The enormous amount of light is harnessed into a tight beam that provides much greater clarity and range than your Super Duty's factory fog lights, and will let you and your truck see hazards both on the road and off before they become major problems. Putco builds each of their Luminix fog light kits extremely tough so that they can survive just about any application that you have in mind for your aggressive Super Duty build. The fog lights feature CNC machined 6061 aluminum housings that are highly resistant to vibration and pressure changes and are rated up to IP69K water and weather proof so that they can handle practically any climate on the planet. The Luminix fog lights come with stainless steel hardware that are coated black to resist corrosion, even in areas with heavy salt. Putco's Luminix Fog Lights use OE-style connectors for an easy plug-and-play wiring job that doesn't require cutting or splicing. Putco backs their Luminix LED fog lights with a 2-year limited warranty and includes installation hardware and instructions.

2017-2020 F250 & F350 Putco Luminix High-Power LED Fog Lights (2400 Lumens)

Diode Dynamics Lights For Super Dutys

Last but certainly not least is Diode Dynamics. This particular company has white and yellow fog lights as well as driving lights that mount in the same location. The difference between fog lights and driving lights is what each is used for. The driving lights are meant to supplement the brights on your regular headlights and therefore put out a much different beam pattern. Their fog lights include innovative technology in relation to shining and bracketing for an immediate upgrade to your truck. Diode Dynamics specifically engineered these lights with advanced TIR optics to provide high efficiency and focus. Traditional optics with other lights on the market lose light internally and glare so it is not necessarily one focused beam like these. How these are different is the custom-engineered TIR optic that sits within this light collects all of the light from the LED and directs it right where you need it which greatly improves efficiency. This particular optic nestled in these lights also serves as the main lens, which ends up resulting in a much greater output especially when combined with the high-intensity LED chips that are included in part of the design of these. They also come with custom-molded brackets that can be installed in place of your stock fog lights in less than an hour. It is simple as removing the factory fog light assembly and taking these and putting it right in its place. Diode Dynamics also includes wiring adapters with purchase which simply connect these lights to your factory bulb sockets. You have your choice between lights that are yellow which puts out a 3000k color temperature or that are white and puts out a 6000k color temperature. Prior to getting to you these LED lights are extensively tested for long term operation from -40 degrees to 185 degrees farenheit. In addition to the temperature test, these lights are also tested for vibration, moisture intrusion, and corrosion testing to ensure they are meeting SAE standards. This particular brand is also trusted by racers and hardcore enthusiasts.

2017-2020 F250 & F350 Diode Dynamics Worklight SS3 Sport Type F2 Kit White SAE Fog

The reality is you can not go wrong with any of these brands. One of the best parts as previously stated is that fog lights are a really easy upgrade to do on your Super Duty. The process is simple and takes less than an hour on most occasions. Each one of the previously mentioned fog lights comes with an adapter that works directly with your truck's prexisting harness. Installing these are as simple as taking the old one out and then plugging in the new one with no fuss and no welding or drilling involved in most cases.

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