The 2019-2020 Ford Ranger performs decently as a day-to-day street ride, light off-road romp, or moderate towing vehicle. However, there is so much potential horsepower and torque that is lost from stock tuning. Being able to quickly switch between throttle adjustments to match the type of driving or towing you are doing would also benefit. If you additionally add massive new tires onto your Ranger, then your speedometer and odometer will read inaccurately. Adding 2019-2020 Ford Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost Custom Tuning is the solution you need to fix these shortcomings. With so many new tuning, optimization, and calibration options, you will ride around town in a more powerful, better throttled, and accurately displayed Ranger.

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2019-2020 Ford Ranger Power & Torque Custom Tuning

The 2019-2020 Ford Ranger was designed to have decent power and torque from stock with its 2.3L EcoBoost engine. However, if you leave your truck tuned at stock, you probably will start to regret it once you're tackling a treacherous off-road trail. The Ranger has so much untapped potential that can turn your truck into a powerful beast. Power and torque upgrades are possible with a tuning device and custom tunes. 5-Star offers multiple packages for you to find the device of your choice. Application and octane-based tuning turns up the boost pressure output of your truck's turbocharger while adjusting your engine's fuel curves and ignition timing to take full advantage of all the extra air. This provides extreme horsepower and torque output, while also adjusting your truck's shift points and transmission functions for better drive-ability. An increase in low-end torque also makes the engine feel more powerful in the low rev ranges, which helps in both towing and off-road applications. According to 5-Star's numbers, with their powerful 93 octane performance tune, the 2.3L EcoBoost truck put down an average of 312 horsepower and 369lb-ft of peak torque. That's a gain of 56 HP and 88lb-ft of tq over stock at peak increase. The 5-Star 2019-2020 Ford Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost 5-Star nGauge Tuner w/ Custom Tunes uses an E-Motion nGauge device. The round gauge easily hooks right into Ranger's OBD-II port to upload your tunes. If that's not your style, then 5-Star also makes their tunes accessible with smartphone sized tuners. The 2019-2020 Ford Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost 5-Star SCT BDX Tuner w/ Custom Tunes or the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost 5-Star Bully Dog BDX Tuner w/ Custom Tunes both use intuitive designs and fit comfortably in your hand. Because its always a great idea to add a warranty to truck parts, we offer aftermarket warranties at an additional cost. 5-Star isn't the only tuning option because Ford offers their own device. The 2019-2020 Ford Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Calibration adds impressive power gains, optimized shift schedule and drastically improved drive-ability. Exceptional Ford engineering and dyno-testing allows the Ranger to operate better throughout the RPM range. Ford's rated power numbers are a HP gain of 45 HP at 4,500 RPM and a torque gain of 60 lbs/ft at 2,500 RPM. A Ford Performance ProCal 4 Calibration Delivery Tool included in the kit also serves as a diagnostic and data logging tool. So your tunes stay up-to-date, you can download calibrations straight from Ford. The tool plugs into your OBDII port to swap out your tunes. Ford's tuning keeps your factory powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties intact.

2019-2020 Ford Ranger Throttle Optimizer

Factory throttle settings aren't ideal when you have so many different types of operation you use your truck for. To conveniently make on-the-fly adjustments on the street, track, off-road and while towing, there is a product that can accomplish just that. Hypertech's Throttle Optimizer makes these updates quickly so your truck can be ready for any driving situation. With a turn of a knob, you can change the throttle intensity between five different settings depending on what you need. This product is also safe due to its three safeguard levels if an error does occur. The accelerator and microprocessor constantly communicate and check for bad signals. If a bad signal is detected, then a bypass mode helps return the Ranger to a factory throttle mode for your safety. The throttle comes in a racing and street package called the 2011-2019 Ford Trucks Hypertech REACT Throttle Optimizer. This optimizer can change between track, sport, street, economy and stock settings. A package intended for Rangers that tow often is available and called the 2011-2019 Ford Trucks Hypertech REACT Tow Throttle Optimizer. This optimizer can change between heavy tow, tow, economy, wet/ice and stock settings. The 2011-2019 Ford Trucks Hypertech REACT Off-Road Throttle Optimizer works great for a Ranger that often flirts with rocky trails. This optimizer can change between mud/sand, street, economy, crawl and stock settings. Each one of these throttle optimizers can be easily installed by plugging the device into your accelerator.

HyperTech React Towing Throttle Optimizer for the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger and other Fords!

2019-2020 Ford Ranger Speedometer Calibration

If you are taking your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger off-road, then you undoubtedly swapped out your stock tires for a bigger aftermarket one that can handle rock crawling better. Larger tires will make your speedometer inaccurate and will display the wrong speed and odometer mileage because of an altered final drive ratio. You could bring your truck to a Ford center or get custom tuning, but this can be really inconvenient or pricey. This isn't acceptable, so that's why Hypertech designed the Speedometer Calibration Tool to make this fix easy and cost-effective in the comfort of your own garage. The Hypertech Speedometer Calibration Tool adjusts your Ranger's PCM for your new tire size so you can read the speedometer and odometer properly. The device also corrects part-throttle shifting for better drive-ability. Connections are achieved through an OBD-II cable and USB cable. To read and clear DTC codes or to download updates, you can do this from your home computer. For a more in-depth process of how to install and use this calibrator on your Ranger, you can check out the "How To" video below when we tested it on our truck.

Better Performance Upgrades through Tuning, Optimizing & Calibrating!
2019-2020 Ford Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost Custom Tuning makes a big impact on your truck so it performs better and displays accurate information. Any of these options provide you with a much better driving experience. What tuners do you use in your Ranger? Let us know which ones in the comments!

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