Summertime is typically when everyone escapes the cities in favor of Mother Nature. With the current state of the world (COVID-19 is ruining everything), there has never been a better time to make sure your Toyota is ready for a summer of off-road adventures. Here at Stage 3, we have the off-road upgrades to ensure your time on the trails is spent enjoying your activities, rather than worrying about whether or not your Toyota can handle the current application. Whether you drive a 2016- 2020 Toyota Tacoma, 2010-2020 Toyota 4Runner, or a 2014-2020 Toyota Tundra we have the parts and accessories to improve your vehicles off-road capabilities and give it a look that is sure to turn some heads this Summer.

Before You Buy: Toyota Off-Road Upgrades for Summer Adventures

Lift it, Level it, Love it

Taking your Toyota off-road can take a toll on your suspension, but with the lift and leveling kits available here at Stage 3 you can upgrade your Toyota to make sure even the gnarliest trail won't keep you from enjoying your Summer adventures. Adding a full lift kit can give you the clearance you want for larger wheels and tires and provides the performance handling and control you desire to make even the roughest terrain manageable. We have a large selection of Toyota Tacoma Lift Kits, Toyota 4Runner Lift Kits, and Toyota Tundra Lift Kits. Maybe you're just looking to level out your Toyota and gain some extra performance and control? Well, we also carry a huge variety of leveling kits, coilover packages, and rear shocks that can provide improvements without upgrading the entire suspension on your vehicle. Again, we made sure to hit all the bases and have options for Toyota Tacoma Leveling Upgrades, Toyota 4Runner Leveling Upgrades, and Toyota Tundra Leveling Upgrades.

Toyota Lift Kits & Leveling Upgrades

Light Up the Way & Exterior Upgrades

One thing that any true off-road build needs is killer aftermarket lighting. When you leave the city and hit the trails you're going to need all the lighting you can get to make sure you have full visibility. Here at Stage 3, we have a massive selection of aftermarket Toyota Tacoma Lighting Upgrades, Toyota 4Runner Lighting Upgrades, and Toyota Tundra Lighting Upgrades to ensure the path ahead is well lit even on the darkest nights. Another key focus for upgrading your Toyota is the exterior upgrades, like roof racks, fender flares, along with side steps and nerf bars. These upgrades help protect your exterior and provide additional utility for all your camping, kyaking, hunting, or fishing gear. Again, we made sure we stocked up on what you'll need to fully deck out your Toyota build with Toyota Tacoma Exterior Upgrades, Toyota 4Runner Exterior Upgrades, and Toyota Tundra Exterior Upgrades.

Toyota Lighting & Exterior Upgrades

Front/Rear-End Protection & Towing Upgrades

One of the best parts about leaving civilization behind for the wilderness is the lack of a beaten path, but that can also be one of the most challenging aspects of taking your Toyota off-road. It's imperative that you protect the front- and rear-end of your Toyota from damage, and the huge selection of off-road bumpers here at Stage 3 is just the ticket for ensuring that protection. To keep these parts of your Toyota protected from rocks, branches, stumps, or other obstacles, we offer a killer selection of Toyota Tacoma Off-Road Bumpers, Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Bumpers, and Toyota Tundra Off-Road Bumpers. Sometimes, when you're roughing it, you might need some extra towing capabilities, cargo accessories, or some helper springs to keep your Toyota from bottoming out on bumpy terrain. We know what you're thinking, "Does Stage 3 carry the towing upgrades I want to use for upgrading my Toyota?" Yes, yes we do. In fact, we have a nutty amount of Toyota Tacoma Towing Upgrades, Toyota 4Runner Towing Upgrades, and Toyota Tundra Towing Upgrades available to boost the capabilities of your monster off-road build.

Toyota Lighting & Exterior Upgrades

Overland Options & Recovery Gear (Just In Case...)

Finally, to make sure your trip this summer is as comfortable and safe as it can be, we have these awesome overland upgrades and recovery gear options. Overland upgrades are all about improving your quality-of-life while away from home and we have some of the best Toyota Tacoma Overland Upgrades, Toyota 4Runner Overland Upgrades, and Toyota Tundra Overland Upgrades available on the market today. As for recovery gear, we know it's not the funnest thing to talk about, but it's important. Ensuring the safety of you and yours while out on your summer adventures is a top priority and you can feel secure on your journeys with these Off-Road Recovery Gear options.

We Currently Carry Aftermarket Parts for the Following Toyota Models:

Everyone here at Stage 3 knows how rough the past few months have been, and we hope you can load up your Toyota and make the most of the summer. Have excellent summer plans? Have you already been upgrading your Toyota with some of these parts? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!