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Posted by Jason on 10/31/2011 to Informative Articles
The 2005 to 2009 Mustang model years saw an explosion of customized car designs. ROUSH performance offered up to 27 different variations of their customized Mustangs from their simple Sport modifications to their massively powerful P51B specialty Mustang. All of ROUSH Performance's Mustangs both look and perform amazingly well, but room for improvement and customization does exist. All of ROUSH's premium vehicles can receive suspension, power and styling upgrades that help to bring out the full potential of Jack Roush's excellent works of automotive art.
Posted by Jason on 10/28/2011 to Informative Articles
You own a ROUSH Blackjack Mustang. That makes us here at Stage 3 Motorsports hate you slightly, but it's that envious "I want that," passive-aggressive hate where we'll still play nice at car shows and other track events by saying hello and commenting on your car, but that underlying rage may still be there. After all, there's only 200 or so Blackjacks still around and YOU -- not us -- happen to have one. The Blackjack was the near perfect blend brutal power, slick styling and track-tuned suspension design that is still one of the most aggressive and vicious things on the street that could also contend with about anyone who dared step onto the track. And yet, there's still that itch, that gearhead itch in the back of your mind that prods you with a single word: "more." The first Blackjacks are about to drop out of their warranties, and the time has come to transform one of Jack Roush's proudest sons into something even more powerful, original and fearsome.
Posted by Jason on 10/21/2011 to Informative Articles
Steeda probably knows more about suspension systems than nearly any other aftermarket parts manufacturer for the Ford Mustang. They clearly know more than most of us, because on first glance at their Mustang ball joints for lowered Mustangs, I was scratching my head as to the possible difference this tiny piece of metal and bushing could possibly make on Ford's complex suspension system. The answer is extremely subtle, and based in the physics and mathematics underlying how the suspension transfers force, and how the Mustang's chassis handles load transfer through turns and hard corners.
Posted by Jason on 10/14/2011 to Informative Articles
ne of the most common questions that we receive from our customers here at Stage 3 Motorsports, is THE exhaust question to end all exhaust questions: should I get stainless steel or aluminized exhaust kits? Our answer is always yes. The real determining factor for the Great Exhaust Decision is the climate for where you live. For those of us who enjoy the dry, arid wastes of the American Southwest, Australia and Saharan Africa, aluminized exhaust systems are the better choice given their lower prices and the absence of humidity, snow and salted winter roads. For the rest of the world, we strongly recommend spending the extra money for a full stainless exhaust system that will actually save you a boatload of money in the long run.
Posted by Jason on 10/13/2011 to Informative Articles
Corbeau's enormous inventory of over 20 different fixed-back, reclining and suspension seats all available with different colors, sizes and fabric combinations is at once awe-inspiring and confusing for the average consumer. The sheer volume of potential choices is great in regards to customization, but overwhelming to anyone wondering which seat is best for their particular car or truck. The answer is fairly simple and is directly related to the purpose of your vehicle. In essence, your specific application will be the deciding factor in the type of Corbeau seat that you'll need whether you're a daily driver, semi-professional track driver, high-performance racer or an avid off-road enthusiast.
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