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Posted by Jason Locke on 10/29/2015 to Installed Photos
Our friends over at Rogue Racing manufacture some pretty awesome off-road bumpers, and they have turned their attention over to the 2015 F150s with their 2015 F150 Rebel Front Off-Road Front Bumper and their 2015 F150 Revolver Off-Road Rear Bumper. The bumpers add a great look to the 2015 F150's body lines, and their color-matched backing plates really help set them apart from the rest of the off-road bumper crowd. We just had to get in on Rogue Racing's 2015 F150 off-road bumpers, so grabbed a set of our own for our 2015 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Project Truck. The bumpers combined with our truck's lift kit, wheels, and tires made for an awesome upgrade that brought out the best in our 2015 F150's appearance.

2015 F150 Rogue Racing Rebel Front Off-Road Bumper 2015 F150 Rogue Racing Rebel Front Off-Road Bumper

Posted by Erik Nep on 10/29/2015 to Manufacturer News

Bushwacker Fender Flares are one of the best ways to take your F150 or Super Duty to that next level of rugged looks and there's never been a better time to grab a set than this November & December. Our friends over at Bushwacker are offering a 2015 year-end promotion that qualifies you for a $50 pre-paid American Express card when you purchase a set of 4 of their Black Fender Flares.

Stage 3 Motorsports AMP 2015 Black Friday Promotion

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/23/2015 to Installed Photos
TruFiber's lineup of Carbon Fiber body pieces for the 2015 Mustangs are pretty awesome, and we've been adding as many as we possibly can to our 2015 Mustang project car. We aren't the only ones either, Marco, a custom of ours with a very pretty 2015 Mustang 5.0L GT, dug TruFiber's Carbon Fiber parts so much that he ordered up and installed one of their 2015 Mustang Carbon Fiber Rear Spoilers. The spoiler looks awesome on his car and he included a few before and after photos to show us how the spoiler changed the shape and profile of his aggressive 2015 Mustang GT.

2015 Mustang GT TruFiber Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Installed

Posted by Erik Nep on 10/23/2015 to Just Added

Depending on the model/package of your 2015-2016 F150, you may not be overall thrilled about the material used for the seats. If you want a much more aggressive look, our friends over at CoverKing have you covered. These Ballistic Tactical Seat Covers come in a wide range of different patterns that are all based on authentic camoflauge used by the military and law enforcement for a much more aggressive look. Whether you're an avid hunter, outdoorsman or if you just want to add a tough new look to the interior of your truck, these seat covers will definitely take your F150 build to that next level. The Ballistic Seat Covers include a tactical MOLLE (pronounced "Molly") system that includes multiple storage pouches to keep your most important gear organized and close at hand.

2015-2016 F150 CoverKing A-TACS Tactical Custom Seat Covers

Posted by Erik Nep on 10/21/2015 to Just Added

Whether or not you have big plans for a lift or leveling kit for your 2010-2014 Ford F150 Raptor SVT, adding on a set of high-quality Fender Flares from Bushwacker is a great way to add an aggressive look while providing extra clearance for oversized tires and custom wheels. Here at Stage 3, we love these new Pocket-Style Fender Flares from Bushwacker. Not only do they give your truck a rugged look but they also provide protection from road debris and rocks that might get kicked up when you're driving off-road.

2010-2014 F150 Raptor Bushwacker Pocket-Style Fender Flares

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/16/2015 to Just Added
We here at Stage 3 Motorsports are not mudflap people. We take a kind of sick pride in splattering the maximum amount of mud, dirt, grime, and whatever else all over the sides of our F150s. Granted, we just let it all sit on the sides of the truck until one out of the two times it actually rains in this state. For people who actually treat their 2004 to 2015 F150s with some sort of respect, we have just added WeatherTech's DigitalFit® No-Drill Mudflaps. These mudflaps drop right onto your truck without any drilling, and can even be thrown on without removing your wheels and tires. The mudflaps feature a high-strength and quality design paired with stainless steel hardware. There's DigitalFit® mudflaps for both the front and rear of your 2004 to 2015 F150, so you can keep both the love handles and bedsides of your truck. They're pretty great, but we'll keep our trucks muddy, because, well, we have problems.

2004-2014 F150 WeatherTech DigitalFit No-Drill Mudflaps

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/16/2015 to Just Added
Getting improved travel out of the front suspension of your 2004 to 2015 F150 means you'll need to dump the stock upper control arms for something that won't let you down as you rocket around off-road at ludicrous speed. For that kind of aggressive driving, you'll need to turn to Baja Kit's lineup of Boxed Uniball Upper Controls Arms for the 2004 to 2015 F150s. Baja Kits' upper control arms use 1" uniball joints instead of a ball joint like your factory UCAs, which won't bind up and prevent maximum front droop, especially when combined with other front suspension modifications. The Baja Kits upper control arms feature a high-strength boxed steel design with expertly done welds that give the arms enormous levels of strength and durability that allows you to basically thrash them around as you please. Baja Kits has 2004-2008 F150 Boxed Uniball Upper Control Arms, 2009-2014 F150 Boxed Uniball Upper Control Arms, and 2015 F150 Boxed Uniball Upper Control Arms.

Baja Kits F150 Boxed Uniball Upper Control Arms

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/8/2015 to Installed Photos
We didn't get in a bunch of TruFiber Carbon Fiber Parts to just have them sit around the shop and decorate the walls. At long last we have all of TruFiber's Carbon Fiber 2015 Mustang parts and accessories installed on our very own 2015 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost Project Car, and the results are absolutely awesome. The carbon fiber paired with our Competition Orange paint makes for one heck of a great combination. Everything from TruFiber fit perfectly, and dropped onto our EcoBoost Mustang without much fuss, making it all that much sweeter. TruFiber's carbon fiber body pieces are bound to look great on just about any 2015 Mustang, so grab your up today!

2015 Mustang EcoBoost with TruFiber Carbon Fiber Parts

Posted by Erik Nep on 10/6/2015 to Just Added

There are tons of lift and leveling kits on the market for the 1997-2016 F150 trucks and, while making a decision on which one is right for your build and your daily needs, that kind of competition for your business can only benefit you down the road. Here at Stage 3 Motorsports, we're always looking for the best deals that can benefit you while not only saving you money but also providing the highest quality aftermarket components on the market. We're happy to be now offer lift kits from Tuff Country, which provide a great new option for your F150 build that gives you a combination of high-performance off-road components without breaking the bank. These lift kits are perfect for any F150 owner who wants to get a more balanced and leveled look that gives you the ability of throwing on a set of rugged off-road tires and custom wheels.

2015-2016 F150 4WD Tuff Country 3

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/6/2015 to Tidbits
Here's the final part of our 2015 Mustang TruFiber Carbon Fiber Parts and Accessories High-Quality Images Saga. We're wrapping things up with a few 2015 Mustang interior carbon fiber parts, and a small exterior accessory to help round out your carboned-out 2015 Mustang build. Sprucing up the smaller bits and pieces of your 2015 Mustang can make or break your entire styling theme, and these TruFiber Carbon Fiber parts are a great addition just about any Mustang. We have high-res images of TruFiber's 2015 Mustang Carbon Fiber Window Switch Covers, 2015 Mustang Carbon Fiber Door Sill Plates, and 2015 Mustang Mirror Triangle Covers, all of which are going to get thrown on our 2015 Mustang EcoBoost Project Car in due time.

2015 Mustang TruFiber Carbon Fiber Window Switch Covers

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/6/2015 to Installed Photos
F150forum member and customer of ours, MTEK, has a very pretty 2015 F150 3.5L EcoBoost FX4, which was just made even better with the addition of a Magnaflow Lightning-Style Cat-Back Exhaust Kit. The Magnaflow kit has a twin-tip exit in front of the passenger side rear tire which changes up the look of your aggressive truck while producing a much more noticeable and deep exhaust note that sounds much more clear in your cab, as well, thanks to the repositioned exit. MTEK posted up some images of his new setup, and the end result is absolutely stunning, especially with his tire and suspension setup, which consists of an Auto Spring 2.5" Leveling Kit, taller rear block, Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks, and 285/55R20 BFG K02 Tires.

2015 F150 Magnaflow Lightning-Style Cat-Back Exhaust Kit

Posted by Erik Nep on 10/5/2015 to Just Added

When it comes to off-road lighting, KC has been around for decades because of their reliable solutions for trucks and Jeeps, so it only makes sense that they would roll out a new line-up of the latest in LED technology. Here at Stage 3 Motorsports, we're happy to announce that we now carry their new awesome lighting solutions for your F250 or F350 Super Duty truck to keep you on, or off, the trail late at night. These extremely bright new LED lights were designed to seriously brighten things up when you find yourself in an area that should normally be completely dark and closed off to extreme driving for the night.

1999-2014 F250 Super Duty C-Series Lighting

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/5/2015 to Tidbits
While they're not the most inefficient things in the world, the factory intercooler and intercooler tubing aren't the most efficient things either, and swapping them both out with a complete 2015 F150 EcoBoost Intercooler System that's built from the ground up to deliver improved airflow and cooling efficiency to better support your 2015 F150 EcoBoost's aggressive applications or other performance modifications. aFe's complete 2015 F150 EcoBoost Intercooler Package does just that. This extremely impressive intercooler kit includes an aFe drop-in replacement intercooler, a new set of hot-side tubes for both turbochargers, and a cold-side charge pipe that all work together to provide a huge improvement in airflow and cooling so that your truck makes more horsepower and torque, and holds on to that power higher into its rev range. The aFe intercooler package makes for a great upgrade for practically any 2015 F150 EcoBoost, and we have our own kit in for some pictures and an install happening in the next couple of weeks.

2015 F150 EcoBoost aFe Intercooler Package

Posted by Erik Nep on 10/2/2015 to Just Added

If you're building out your F150 for some intense off-road action that might take you to some remote areas that are nothing like the city and you need to have your most important gear within arms reach, your friends here at Stage 3 Motorsports have your back with these new Tactical Front Seat Covers which provide a huge amount of storage options in an aggressive-looking, military-style package. Consider it like going into action with a well-equipped military-style tactical back-pack because that's pretty much what this seat cover offers your tough 2009-2015 F150 truck. Created with a high-quality, tough design, you'll gain several mounting options that will give your truck the ultimate front seat cover that ensures you're completely prepared for those emergency situations you might not have been expecting.

1997-2015 F150 Front Tactical Seat Cover

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/1/2015 to Installed Photos
Raptor Retrofit's 2015 F150 LED Headlight Kits are really something to behold, especially when optioned out perfectly to go along with your 2015 F150's aggressive styling theme. A customer of ours recently received their very own set of 2015 F150 Raptor Retrofit Custom LED Headlights, and the end result looks absolutely amazing on their truck. They ended up choosing 2015 F150 LED headlights with black housings, color-matched Ruby Red LED Trim Rings, and Hyper-Aggressive Switchback LED outlines in place of the stock amber parking LED outline. However, the images after the jump do them much better justice than I do.

2015 F150 Raptor Retrofit Custom LED Headlights Installed

Posted by Erik Nep on 10/1/2015 to Just Added

Whether you just picked up a new 2015 Ford F150 or if you're rolling in any of our beloved previous models, one of the best things you can do to keep the interior of your truck looking pristine is with a Rear Seat Protector from WeatherTech. From careless co-workers that spill coffee on your seats on accident to a toddler who dumps out a juice box (on purpose or on accident), these awesome Rear Seat Protectors are weather-proof and ready to protect your investment for years to come. WeatherTech designed these covers with perfect fitment in mind while allowing perfect access to your seat belts and under-seat storage with ease.

1997-2015 F150 WeatherTech Rear Seat Protector

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