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Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/31/2017 to Special Events
Well folks, it's Halloween and that means one thing for Stage 3 Motorsports - perfect off-roading weather. The searing heat of the summer months is winding down and it's only a matter of time before Flagstaff's first snow day. And for everyone out trick-or-treating or handing out candy, we here at Stage 3 wish you a safe, happy Halloween! Also just a quick reminder that you have until midnight on Halloween to subscribe to our newsletter for a shot at the $2000 Stage 3 Shopping Spree, so don't hesitate - time's almost up!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/27/2017 to Special Events
If you're at all familiar with Stage 3's off-road shenanigans, you've probably noticed a lot of wooded areas and forest backdrops. Well this time around we're taking our trucks across Arizona's northern border for a change of scenery, and we need your help deciding which trails to take on! We have a few locations picked out already, but we won't have time for each one, therefore we're turning to our community of off-road enthusiasts for some advice. Hit the jump for complete details!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/25/2017 to Just Added
If you aren't the biggest fan of the 2017+ Super Duty's massive two-bar grille, fear not, Westin's got your back with their HDX LED Grille, designed as a direct, bolt-on replacement for your stock grille. The HDX comes with a heaping dose of LED lights, including a dual-row center light bar and dual single-row side light bars. That should be more than enough to keep the trails in crystal clear view when the sun goes down. Check out Westin's HDX LED Light Bar here and don't forget, shipping's on us!

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/25/2017 to Just Added
While pre-tire exit cat-back systems seem to be back in vogue for the 2015-2018 F150s, the closer exit location and a more aggressive muffler mean that drone becomes an issue. That's why MBRP developed their Street Pre-Tire Exit Cat-Back Kits for the 2015-2018 F150s. Available in Installer Series, Pro Series, and Black Series flavors, the Street Pre-Tire Exit Kits include a forward resonator on their inlet pipes that helps eliminate drone and rasp while still giving your truck a bump in sound and a whole new look.

MBRP Street Pre-Tire Exit Cat-Back Exhaust Kits
Posted by Jason Locke on 10/21/2017
Bestop manufactures some seriously impressive powered running boards, tonneau covers, soft toppers, bed steps, and other accessories and their lineup of parts and accessories for the 2004-2018 F150s is now at Stage 3. Whether you need a set of Wi-Fi enabled running boards, low-cost bed toppers, bed access steps, or some more F150 tonneau covers to choose from, Bestop has you and your capable truck build covered. Check after the jump for a full list of Bestop parts now at Stage 3!

Bestop 2004-2018 F150 Parts & Accessories
Posted by Jason Locke on 10/20/2017 to Just Added
While there's already plenty of choices out there for lifting and leveling your 200-2018 F150, adding one more to the deck is always a good thing. Skyjacker is one of the most recognizable names in the lift and leveling business, and several of their awesome lift and leveling kits for the 2009-2018 F150s are now on Stage 3. These kits all get your truck the ride height it needs without breaking your bank. Check below for a full list of kits now at Stage 3.

2015-2017 F150 4WD Skyjacker 6-inch Lift Kit with Black Max Shocks
Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/19/2017 to Just Added
Have you ever felt let down by your Fusion Sport's handling? With the 2.7L EcoBoost under the hood pumping out plenty of power, keeping your wheels planted while cornering can be a bit of a challenge. With Steeda's heavy-duty Front Sway Bar, you'll minimize body roll for improved handling, cornering and overall performance. Get your hands on Steeda's Front Sway Bar for the 2017-2018 Fusion Sport right here and as always, shipping's on us!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/18/2017 to Just Added
Looking for a new way to make your 1999-2018 Super Duty even more useful? Look no further. Bestop is a new brand for us but we're already ridiculously excited for their awesome Super Duty accessories. On top of WiFi-operated running boards, Stage 3 is now offering Bestop's full lineup of Super Duty tonneau covers and bed toppers. Hit the jump to get links to each of the new Bestop products and as always, shipping's on us!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/12/2017 to Just Added
SOTA just dropped a new line of wheels and we're just over here picking our jaws up off the floor. These beautiful wheels are available now at Stage 3 in the 1999-2018 Super Duty's standard 8x170 bolt pattern, so all that's left is for you to pick your finish! The all new J.A.T.O. wheel by SOTA comes in two different finishes: Ghost Metal and Anthra-Kote Black, and both options do a great job complimenting the rugged design of the wheel. These wicked wheels are ready to ship so get your Super Duty the transformation you've always wanted!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/11/2017 to Just Added
If you haven't heard of Fury Off-Road Tires, it's time to pay attention. These guys are pumping out high-quality tires featuring advanced designs optimized for the unbeaten path. Their Country Hunter M/T Tires come in a variety of sizes that pair perfectly with 20", 22" 24" and 26" wheels to help get you there and back in style and confidence. Featuring a 3-ply sidewall and non-directional tread design, the Country Hunter M/T is designed for the trails. Get your Fury Country Hunter M/T Tires here and as always, shipping's on us!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/10/2017 to New Products
In search of a new face for our 2017 F150 project truck, we turned to Caliber9's Upper Light Bar Grille. We loved it so much that when we got word of an opportunity to collaborate on a photo shoot, we jumped at the chance without second thought. With the gorgeous Sonoran desert backdrop approaching twilight, our 2017 project truck never looked better. And with Caliber 9's Light Bar Grille up front, we were well-equipped for the ride out, no matter how many hours slipped away in the process. Get pictures, details and product links after the jump!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/9/2017 to Just Added
Your 2017-2018 Super Duty's factory suspension system isn't exactly optimized for dominating the trails, nor does it leave enough clearance for a proper off-road tire setup. Thankfully, the all new BDS 4" 4-Link Suspension System will let you throw on massive 37" tires and is designed for maximum strength, control and stability off the pavement. This highly customizable lift kit comes with a multitude of options for shocks, stabilizers and more so that you get the right kit for your needs and budget.

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/6/2017 to Just Added
Velossa Tech knows a thing or two about air intakes for performance cars, thanks to their roots in aerospace design and fluid simulations. And now any 2017 Fusion Sport owner can take advantage of their vast knowledge with a BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake System. These custom-designed ram air kits are secured behind your Fusion's upper grille and work in rhythm with your stock or aftermarket intake system to deliver the airflow your muscle sedan needs to perform at its best. The BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake System is available in a huge selection of colors to suit your personal style.

Posted by Jason Locke on 10/5/2017
With our dear friends and cross-town neighbors at Rigid Industries now finished with updating almost their entire lineup of light bars to their new Pro Series Designs, they decided to celebrate by offering up to $500 back as a mail-in rebate with the purchase of Rigid Industries lighting components. Practically any Rigid Industries light purchase between now and November 15th, 2017 qualifies for Rigid's rebate, and you can get $50 to $500 back on purchases of $500 or more.

Rigid Industries Own the Night 2017 Rebate
Posted by Jason Locke on 10/2/2017 to Sales
With Fall in full-swing and cold weather approaching for most of the country, wouldn't it be nice to get a little bit back on some high-quality performance parts? Corsa and Volant certainly think so, which is why from now until November 30th, 2017, Corsa is giving back $75 on both Corsa and dB Exhaust Kits and Volant is giving back $50 on any of their complete intake kits. All purchases have to be made by November 30th, and all rebates have to be postmarked by December 31st, 2017.

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 10/2/2017 to Customer Rides
Would you believe this is someone's very first build? A Stage 3 shopper and friend, Matt has proven himself a real natural with his first foray into the aftermarket, the lovingly dubbed "Black Magic" - and we're betting he won't forget this show-stopping 2016 F150 build. Packing the twin-turbocharged 2.7L EcoBoost under the hood, Matt's build was off to a solid start right from the factory. And while its journey is far from complete, this sinister, blacked-out build is already a real stunner. Follow along and get all the details on this wicked build after the jump!

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