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Posted by Jason on 11/18/2011 to Informative Articles
Even though we love Ford's Mustang to death, we can't deny that she's kind of a fatty. There hasn't been a single stock Pony under 3,000 pounds since the third generation Fox bodies, and after throwing on some our aftermarket performance gear, your Mustang will get even heavier. Our 2007 Trak Pak race car weighed nearly 4000 pounds AFTER being gutted and upgraded with racing modifications including a ROUSH TVS2300 supercharger, P51 short block and a complete SCCA-compliant roll cage, on top of other add-ons. Installing tons of power-enhancing mods will make all that mass less noticeable while cruising, but stopping is another story, and last we checked, braking was a fairly integral part of driving. Upgrading the braking system in one form or another is a practical must for any Mustang pilot from the daily driver to the Trans Am racers and hardcore dragsters. Let's face it: the factory two-piston front, one-piston rear calipers and blank rotors present on stock Mustangs just can't do an adequate job of slowing Ford's beastly Pony car down. The aftermarket, however, is a different story. Massive power and massive weight deserve massive brake systems and we here at Stage 3 Motorsports have brake combinations that fit practically any need or potential application.
Posted by Jason on 11/10/2011 to Informative Articles
So you have this Mustang and it's great. It performs extremely well, looks sexy, drives like a dream and is engrained in American iconography like a Greek column. There is something missing, though. Something that harkens back to the Mustang's early days, where you could hear the monstrous rumble of a huge carbureted V8 for miles before that muscle car actually came into view. The sound. We here at Stage 3 Motorsports provide a huge variety of exhaust components for 1996 to 2012 Mustangs that recaptures all of the huge, booming sound that the Mustang lost somewhere along the way and lets all five of your senses feel the power of your car. We can help you bring back the brutal sound that screamed of raw power born in a simpler time where lax emissions standards probably took a good decade off everyone's life, but let the Mustang and other works of American-made muscle car art really sing. Modern Mustangs, sadly, have had some of their teeth pulled in regards to their exhaust notes through emissions controls that keep your car from turning the planet into a deserted, post-apocalyptic wasteland and by Ford attempting to cater to the most Draconian of HOA noise ordinances. We are here to help you fight back.
Posted by Jason on 11/1/2011 to Informative Articles
ROUSH first began mass producing custom modified vehicles with the 1999 to 2004 "New Edge" Mustangs and offered nine different packages throughout that five-year time span from the appearance-only Sport version to the immensely powerful 440A that came standard with ROUSH's first generation of M90 superchargers, an exhaust kit and intake that gave that Mustang close to 400 horsepower. Though each ROUSH Mustang stands on the forefront of design, every ROUSH Mustang can benefit from power, suspension and styling upgrades that push the limits of performance and appearance. As these cars age, the parts available star to slowly thin out, but there's still time to turn some of the finest of Jack Roush's creations into something even more powerful and original.
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