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Stage 3 Blog
Posted by Jason on 12/1/2011 to Informative Articles
The F-150 sector of ROUSH Performance has never received the love it deserved. While ROUSH Mustangs sell like hotcakes and are the source of envy for virtually the entire world, the excellent lineup of ROUSH truck packages is largely ignored and production numbers barely clipped four digits for any given year. The reason? They offered less performance than expected at the drag strip along with some vague combination of economic and sociological factors, probably. Maybe most people don't see enough general utility in the concept. We beg to differ. The fact that the fairly bare bones, supercharged ROUSH 500RC came standard with 445 horsepower and 500ft/lbs of torque out of the ROUSH's headquarters that helped pull and prod the heavy F-150 frame into real performance territory, proved once and for all that raw power has a utility all its own.
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