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Posted by Jason Locke on 12/27/2013 to Informative Articles

Borla makes exhausts. We know it, everyone knows it, and even those who aren't enthusiasts have probably heard of Borla in some way, shape, or form. Borla's lineup of cat-back exhaust systems are some of the most legendary in the entire industry and their kits for the 2011 to 2014 5.0L V8 F150s are some of our best-selling exhaust systems across the entire site. Yet there's one burning question that stands above all others: what's the sound difference between the vaunted Borla S-Type versus the aggressive Borla ATAK cat-back exhaust systems. Many countless hours have been wasted surfing the endless expanse of YouTube to discover this answer, but grainy cell phone videos and less-than stellar audio on those videos tends to just deepen the mystery rather than just clear things up. The good news is we here at Stage 3 Motorsports threw up a comparison video on our YouTube page that provides an apples-to-apples comparison of the Borla S-Type and ATAK using our 2012 F150 5.0L FX4 Project Truck.

Posted by Jason Locke on 12/19/2013 to Just Added

One of our several unofficial mottos is "when in doubt, throw a blower on it," and this very basic, caveman philosophy has served us well and has helped put together some very awesome vehicles over the years. That being said, throwing a powerful supercharger system onto an already powerful engine isn't without its share of problems. Namely, there's not a way to adjust boost levels to save gas and maintain excellent drivability on the street – at least, until now. Meet the ProCharger i-1 supercharger system, the only kit on the market that allows you to adjust boost levels and power profiles on the fly. These highly advanced supercharger systems for the 2011 to 2014 Mustang GTs, 2012 to 2013 Boss 302s, and 2010 to 2013 6.2L SVT Raptors can produces immense levels of horsepower and torque at their peak boost levels, but come hooked into a unique transmission that allows you to tone down the power for your drive home.

Posted by Jason Locke on 12/11/2013 to Install guides

Our friends over at MBRP offer a bunch of different exhaust system options for the 2011 to 2014 F150 5.0Ls, and they're some of our most popular systems for the Coyote-powered F150s. High off our earlier MBRP 3" single-exit cat-back kit install, we grabbed up MBRP's XP-Series 2.5" Dual Rear Exit Cat-Back Kit for installation and sound testing on our 2012 5.0L F150 FX4 project truck. Being a dual exit cat-back kit, we were expecting an install that was a little bit more involved than a more typical single side exit system, and it certainly turned out that way. The good news is that this kit ended up sounding perfectly decent. While definitely not the loudest or most aggressive F150 cat-back kit that we've tested, the MBRP 2.5" dual-exit system gave our truck a nice, low growl and a pretty good look with its 3" polished tips.

Posted by Jason Locke on 12/11/2013 to Install guides

MBRP has one of the most legendary names in the truck exhaust industry, though they're probably better known for their huge lineup of diesel exhaust systems and kits. With MBRP being one of the more popular exhaust choices for the 2011 to 2014 F150 5.0Ls, we were chomping at the bit to get a few of their systems onto our 2012 F150 5.0L FX4 Project truck, starting with the MBRP 3" Single Side Exit Cat-Back Kit. The Single Exit kit is billed to give your truck a factory-style look while improving its exhaust note. Being a OE-style exit, the system was a good bit easier to install than a dual exit kit, especially considering some of our more difficult systems. MBRP's kit turned out to be a great option for anyone looking for a deeper tone and some extra volume without changing the appearance of their truck. While not the loudest or most aggressive system we've tested, the MBRP kit did add a nice sound without being too rowdy.

Posted by Jason Locke on 12/10/2013 to Install guides

We're in the home stretch of our cat-back exhaust kit installs for the 2011 to 2014 F150 5.0L's, and we've put our 2012 F150 5.0L FX4 project truck through the ringer by testing just about every system that we can get our hands on. Next up is the Solo Performance Mach-X dual side exit exhaust system. While several of our dual-exit kits gave us more than a few problems in regards to fitment and install difficulty (more on that in later blog posts), the Solo Mach-X system had the perfect fitment and absolutely zero hassles of both our Borla ATAK and Borla S-Type installs, but comes in at a price point that's roughly $200 less than the Borla systems by using lower-grade 409 stainless steel. More importantly, the Solo Mach-X F150 cat-back exhaust system has, thus far, been the best-sounding system that we've so far put on our truck, just edging out the Borla ATAK and Solo 4" systems as our favorite and likely the one we'll be putting back on the truck after all of this is said and done.

Posted by Jason Locke on 12/6/2013 to Informative Articles

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to our selection of Whipple Supercharger Systems for Mustangs, F150s, SVT Raptors, and Ford Super Dutys is "will this system void my factory Powertrain Warranty?" The answer is always "Yes." The immense power of these Twin-Screw supercharger systems coupled with the way that most people tend to drive supercharged vehicles makes your average Ford dealer, and FoMoCo itself, a bit leery about keeping their Limited Powertrain Warranty around when you drop a blower on your engine. This is a pretty big hurdle to overcome, and keeps a lot of potential buyers out of a supercharger. That's why Whipple has teamed up with Cornerstone Performance to provide an aftermarket powertrain warranty for a low, one-time cost.

Posted by Jason Locke on 12/5/2013 to Manufacturer News

Ford has officially unveiled the completely redesigned 2015 Mustang, and handed over some great, new info on what the sixth-generation Pony will be packing under its hood, in its suspension, and in its interior. The official images do the new Mustang much better justice than the leaked images from Autoweek, but the design is still stirring up controversy, especially fans of the more retro look of the 2005 to 2014 Mustangs. The new S550 body style is a big departure for the Mustangs, but the aggressive looks, revised suspension, lighter weight and new addition to the engine lineup may make this Mustang one of the best-handling and most nimble Ponies ever.

Posted by Jason Locke on 12/3/2013 to Manufacturer News

While our post title may contain a cutsie rhyme, we have some serious news the 2015 Mustang has been leaked in what is bound to be its final form! The leak comes from a post on the forums, where a user got an early copy of Autoweek with all of the juicy details on the next-generation Mustang lineup. Aside from the heavily revised and updated styling, there's a new engine in the mix along with a few other interesting changes that may just make this Pony the best yet!

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