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Posted by Jason on 1/27/2012 to Informative Articles
We'll give you the bad news first: the suspension systems of older third and fourth generation Mustangs was pretty terrible from the factory and have to be close to falling apart by now. The good news: the 1987 to 1993 Fox Body Mustangs' suspension systems have a very similar design to the later Fox-4 Mustangs from 1994 through 2004, giving you a wide range of suspension options that greatly enhance both generations' handling characteristics and cornering performance. Looking at the huge market for suspension gear is kind of daunting, but there are two basic ways to go about upgrading your Foxy or SN95. First, you could go the relatively simple and cheap way and just pick up a set of lowering springs that not only give your Mustang an aggressive look, but help reduce body roll. Your second option is go with a full suspension kit for either your 1987 to 1993 Fox Mustang SN95. Which one is the ''correct'' choice is a matter of debate and really depends on how much you're willing to spend and if you're able to do the work yourself.
Posted by Jason on 1/27/2012 to Informative Articles
Factory suspension setups on Ford's S197 Mustangs aren't really up to snuff for the average performance enthusiast (or anyone else). The heavy weight of the fifth generation Mustangs combined with a live axle rear end do these ponies no favors and make cornering interesting, to say the least. That being said, replacing only a few basic suspension components will do wonders for the extremely rigid chassis of the S197 and make it fly around corners with relative ease. In general, there are two ways to get better performance out of the Mustang's suspension system: the easy way and the right way. The easiest way to give you suspension a performance bump is with a set of lowering springs. The ''right way'' (not that there's really a ''wrong way'') is by grabbing one of our premium suspension kits that generally include lowering springs on top of other uprated suspension gear.
Posted by Jason on 1/16/2012 to Informative Articles
Believe it or not, there was a time when Saleen demanded worship and deserved absolutely all of it. Their Fox Body specialty Mustangs, especially the supercharged versions, were the best way for Mustang fans to fly by Porsche owners while giving them a quick wink out of the window and redlining the supercharged, high-output Windsor 5.0L. The body kits screamed racing with their sweet curves that extended from their front air dams, to their side panels and ending at their gorgeous rear fascias topped off with one the most elegant spoilers to grace a Mustang. The sporty looks, massive performance hikes and Steve Saleen's racing name skyrocketed the humble Saleen Autosport onto the national stage. Further developments with the SN95 Mustangs brought in outside investment from Hancock Park Associates in 2001 that allowed Saleen to expand exponentially and made Hancock majority owners. At one point, Saleen offered 12 different production vehicles out of its catalog, including several Mustang variants. Saleen's vehicle production culminated with the production of the S7 Supercar that performed well in the Le Mans series while being the envy of the supercar world at the time. The S7 was the high water mark of Saleen, and the company began a downward spiral in the mid-2000s that saw the shuttering of the famed supercar and the eventual termination of all vehicle production under the Saleen name in 2011. Most outsiders look at the sad state of Saleen as being a mere side effect of the global financial meltdown of 2008, but Saleen's ultimate fate was written long before by short-sighted decisions, management struggles and competition from other manufacturers and Mustang tuners with superior business models. The Great Recession simply put the finishing touches on a coffin that was well-built by 2008.
Posted by Jason on 1/13/2012 to Informative Articles
Ignore the tongue twister of a title today and let's get down to it. ROUSH Performance makes some of the best aftermarket Mustang performance parts currently on the market, not to mention their excellent lineup of suped-up, finely-honed Mustangs. We love them, you love them (even if you don't) and their parts sell like hotcakes. All that being said, there's plenty of accessories from other manufacturers that look fantastic on ROUSH ''Staged'' Mustangs and can also give massive performance increases that even make veteran ROUSH pilots lose their breathe. The rest of our suggested upgrades cover exterior components that the ROUSH Complete body kit and 2010+ ROUSH Mustangs don't include in their various exterior packages.
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