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Posted by Jason on 2/23/2012 to Informative Articles
Stage 3 Motorsports finally has Borla performance exhaust kits. Sorry it took so long. We were busy with stuff. Fun stuff, but stuff. Anyway, Borla. Borla has over 20 years experience in the performance exhaust industry. They got their start manufacturing premium exhaust components for Rolls-Royce and Ferrari and were pioneers into stainless steel systems. Their popularity exploded with the introduction of their S-Type mufflers for the Corvette, though they're better known by their affectionate street name, Borla ''Stingers.'' The Stingers are still around and have been finely honed into one of the best and most popular aftermarket muffler systems in the world across nearly every performance car ever made, EVER. Borla has steadily expanded their repertoire to include a few other muffler designs like the Touring and ATAK mufflers, as well as full cat-backs and even a series of long tube headers. Given the massive amount of choices, it's time for a bit of a breakdown.
Posted by Jason on 2/15/2012 to Informative Articles
Most of the young lads and lasses that come through Stage 3 Motorsports looking for that first power modification for their Ford Mustang find themselves browsing one of our many cold air intakes for their specific model year. They're good, they do their job, most don't require any tuning, many are 50-state legal, they're easy to throw on your Mustang, and most of all they're safe. Mustang cold air intakes are just an excellent all-around package that gives you a noticeable bump in both horsepower and torque without pushing your Mustang anywhere near dangerous or extremely expensive. While cold air systems are all well and good, a Stage 3 tuner and cold air combo kit may be a better option that will also save you money in the long run if you're planning on doing more upgrades in the future. The Mustang cold air intake and tuner included with each kit is heavily discounted over their separate prices and the tuner is pre-loaded with a Stage 3 custom computer recalibration that takes the cold air intake and your Mustang's specific calibrations into account to produce huge horsepower and torque gains. The best part is that these kits will qualify you for our Loyalty Tunes Program that gets you free tunes for life on selected tunable items purchased from Stage 3 Motorsports.
Posted by Jason on 2/9/2012 to Informative Articles
Most people are a bit hesitant to dump chemicals into their Mustang's engines, which probably explains why all of our supercharger kits are far more popular than our nitrous systems. ''Nitrous'' is kind of a scary word for the average driver -- and even for most performance enthusiasts -- that carries with it stories of cracked pistons, thrown rods, and other issues that's enough to turn most Mustang pilots away from chemical injection methods. Yet, that itch for even more horsepower and torque often leaves little choice. The best-kept secrets in the chemical injection market are water-methanol injection kits from both Snow Performance and Nitrous Express. Water-methanol injection allows your 2005 to 2013 Mustang to see massive performance gains in a small, fairly inexpensive package that can boost horsepower by as much as 20% in forced-induction applications.
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