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Posted by Jason Locke on 2/12/2015 to Just Added
We here at Stage 3 have been busy hunting down parts for the 2015 F150s over the last couple months, and the big focus over the last week or so has been 2015 F150 lift kits. The good news is that all of the major players in the lift kit game are hopping on board the 2015 F150 train, and we here at Stage 3 have added a ton of 6", 4", and even the odd 5" and 4.5" lift kit to the site over the last few days. It looks like there's going to be a huge selection of kits available for your own 2015 F150 to meet your budget or performance needs. More importantly, the 2015 F150s look absolutely awesome when put way up in the air. Check out our full list of 2015 F150 Lift Kits after the jump. Check back often, because there's sure to be more to come.

2015 F150 BDS 6-Inch Fox Coilover Suspension Lift Kit

Posted by Erik Nep on 2/11/2015 to Just Added

One of the best additions you can throw onto the exterior of your 2009 to 2015 F150, especially if it's been lifted and equipped with rugged off-road tires, is a set of fender flares. Here at Stage 3, we now carry the latest greatest fender flare line-up from our friends at Bushwacker. The new 2009-2015 F150 Bushwacker Pocket-Style Fender Flares come custom pre-painted in matching Ford F150 colors so now you can order a set of (4) and easily bolt them on without having the hassles of having to send them off for professional prepping and painting as well as the long wait time to get them back and have them installed. Considering the high additional costs of getting fender flares custom painted to match your exact paint job, these are a relatively inexpensive and much easier way to get your aggressive off-road F150 build moving along much faster. And because we're so generous here at Stage 3, for a limited time, we're knocking an extra $50 off the cost...just for you F150 faithful!

Posted by Jason Locke on 2/4/2015 to Just Added

More and more companies are releasing their lineups for the 2015 Mustangs on pretty much a daily basis which is keeping us here at Stage 3 extraordinarily busy. We just got word from our friends over at Corsa Exhaust that their axle-back and cat-back kits for the 2015 Mustang GTs are going to be ready to ship out here in the next two weeks or so. Corsa's 2015 Mustang GT exhaust kits are looking pretty awesome and they're offering up kits with both standard 4.5" Polished Chrome Tips and kits with 4.5" Black Chrome Tips to get your 2015 Mustang GT just the look you want. On top of their axle-backs and cat-backs, Corsa also has a clamp-in Double-X Pipe available for pre-order that deletes your Mustang's H-pipe and resonator while clamping in to the rest of your stock exhaust system. Corsa's offerings are so far pretty impressive, and we can't wait to see what they come up with for the rest of the 2015 Mustangs.

2015 Mustang GT Corsa Xtreme Cat-Back Exhaust Kit with Black Chrome Tips

Posted by Jason Locke on 2/3/2015 to Informative Articles

There's been a flurry of fitment confirmations, rumors, and whatever the hell else flying around as of late regarding the fitment of coilovers built for the 2014 F150s and whether or not they fit the new 2015 F150s. We had been getting conflicting information on the situation for a while now, but we got our ducks all in row, made phone calls to the right people, and got official word back from several different sources on what works and what doesn't. So, will a coilover kit for a 2014 F150 fit a 2015 F150? Yes and no. That's the short answer, at least. The long answer is that fitments vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and it also depends on the specific design of the coilovers themselves. The boring, technical, and more specific parts are below.

2014-2015 F150 BOSS Coilover Kit

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