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Posted by Jason on 3/29/2012 to Informative Articles
We here at Stage 3 Motorsports got in touch with our good friends over at JBA Performance Exhaust to put together a few excellent combination kits that bring together some of JBA's best exhaust products to get massive horsepower and thunderous sound out of your Mustang. Since long tube headers require a new mid-pipe anyway, why not just get both of them together? Each JBA combination kit gives you the choice of JBA Mustang long tube headers and a choice of a matching JBA mid-pipe to practically guarantee flawless fitment and to save you a boatload of money over buying your headers and mid-pipe separately.
Posted by Jason on 3/22/2012 to Informative Articles
So you want to build or rebuild an engine. Sounds awesome, and if you do it right, it has the potential to be really awesome. Though if you do it wrong it has equal potential to be really disastrous. That being said, engine building is a process that involves plenty of sweat and blood, but your friends over here at Stage 3 Motorsports are here to help. We're starting out with the basics of a stroker kit and which one out of the very many we list are right for you.
Posted by Jason on 3/15/2012 to New Products
Stage 3 Motorsports is now shipping 2013 Mustang performance parts. We've been been in touch with several of our suppliers and Mustang parts manufacturers who've had an opportunity to look at the new 2013 Mustang, and we've determined that many of the high-quality Mustang performance parts in our inventory will fit the upcoming 2013 Mustang GT. While the 2013 Mustang has loads of awesome cosmetic changes and tons of new electronic goodies, the underlying powerplant and exhaust systems are roughly the same, allowing you to slap on extra horsepower as soon you get your 2013 Mustang GT home from the dealership. Stage 3 even has a few exterior accessories that add mean, racer styling cues to the aggressive new looks from Ford and make your brand new Mustang the most unique thing on wheels for miles in any direction.
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