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Posted by Erik Nep on 3/31/2016 to Just Added

Here at Stage 3 Motorsports we've recently loaded up a couple of our project trucks with Nitto's Trail Grappler M/T Tires to see if these massive tires are as tough and dependable as they look. So far we're more than pleased. While these aggressive Mud Terrain tires definitely look like eye-candy for any off-road truck owner, they've also proven to be equally tough in some of the most harsh conditions we could find. Traversing rocky and uneven trails is hardly a challenge while they also give you the confidence to own most snowy and icy conditions without even flinching.

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Tire

Posted by Jason Locke on 3/18/2016 to New Products
Can you really ever have enough swag? The answer is "of course not" so we here at Stage 3 added on to our arsenal of merchandise with some new backpacks from Under Armor that come replete with a Stage 3 Shield Logo. To be fair, it's been a while since we had our own backpacks, and with our Stage 3 Ogio backpacks long gone, it was time for something new. Meet our Under Armor SackPack and Storm Hustle II Backpacks. Now you get two options for Stage 3 Logo-adorned backpacks that look great and are made out of high-quality materials. The SackPack is the smaller of the two, and features a drawstring-style design that makes it handy for physical activity. The larger Storm Hustle II has more of a general-purpose backpack design, and comes loaded down with pockets, a laptop sleeve, and water bottle holders. Both come standard with a silver-on-black Stage 3 Shield logo so you can plant your Stage 3 Battleflag squarely in your lower back.

Stage 3's New Under Armor Backpacks

Posted by Jason Locke on 3/17/2016 to New Products
Our friends over at F150Lifts put out a very nice set of high-quality suspension components, and with the addition of their BOSS 2.0 Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks to their lineup, we saw an opportunity to put together some money-saving packages that could turn a bone-stock F150 into a trail-ready off-roader all in one place. Meet our new BOSS Trail Suspension Packages. These packages combine some of the best parts and components that F150Lifts has to offer with other high-quality and budget-friendly components to help you transform your 2009-2014 F150 into a trail-riding machine, all without hurting your truck's street ride quality. We have four different BOSS Trail Packages available to help meet you and your truck's off-road needs or budget.

2009-2014 F150 S3M BOSS Trail Package 1 2009-2014 F150 S3M BOSS Trail Package 2 2009-2014 F150 S3M BOSS Trail Package 3 2009-2014 F150 S3M BOSS Trail Package 4

Posted by Jason Locke on 3/16/2016 to Installed Photos
The fact that we here at Stage 3 tend to get pretty dirty during our adventures both on and off the road will surprise absolutely no one. While we don't shy away from mud and grime, we do try to keep our truck's interiors clean, so we grabbed a set of Rugged Ridge Front and Rear Floor Liners for our new to us 2005 F150 Project Truck. Rugged Ridge has been a staple of the Jeep world since AMC first crafted the 4.0L straight-six in the forges of Valhalla (or whatever Jeep people believe), but they do have more than a few offerings for the F150s that we jumped all over. The Rugged Ridge Floor Liners for the 2004 to 2008 F150s fit extremely well, and we were more than pleased with their coverage and their overall quality.

2004-2008 F150 Rugged Ridge Front and Rear Floor Liners

Posted by Erik Nep on 3/16/2016 to Just Added
It seems like everywhere you look these days you'll find any decent lifted truck or Jeep rocking a set of Toyo's Open Country M/T Tires... and for good reason. These aggressive mud terrain tires not only perform exceptionally when put to the test but they also transform any stock 4x4 truck into an intimidating-looking beast on or off the road. Here at Stage 3 Motorsports we are now offering Toyo's complete line-up of different sizes so you can get the perfect look for your build and leave everybody on the road with some truck envy as you roll by. We've also gotten very aggressive on our pricing, and, combined with our free shipping, this is a great opportunity to add a much tougher look to your truck with proven off-road performance to match.

Toyo Open Country M/T Tire

Posted by Jason Locke on 3/11/2016 to Customer Rides
Friend of Stage 3 and Freestyle Motorcross (FMX) rider Destin Cantrell was kind enough to send us some more photos of his truck and the SCT X4 Tuner with 5-Star Custom Tunes that he got from us here at Stage 3, and he was even kind enough to show off his motorcycle, as well as what he does for his day job. Yes, that is correct. His job is to fly through the air on a motorcycle at tree-top level with usually just his fingertips maintaining a grasp on the thing. Needless to say, my job looks a smidge boring by comparison.

Destin Cantrell Working Hard

Posted by Jason Locke on 3/3/2016 to Sales
It's no secret that we here at Stage 3 Motorsports have been around the block more than our fair share of times, but it's hard to believe that twelve years have passed since the company's founding. Naturally, we just had to celebrate and in a big way. That's why we're offering up to 12% Off on a huge selection of our products here at Stage 3, including some of our favorite performance parts and accessories for your aggressive vehicle of choice. Our 12% Off 12th Birthday Sale is for one day only, which is Friday, March 4th, 2016, and all you need to do is use our 12YEARS discount code when you check out to save big on the performance parts you need for your vehicle.

Stage 3's 12th Birthday 12% Off Sales Event!

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