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Posted by Jason on 4/5/2012 to Informative Articles
We few brave souls that make up the tech side of things over here at Stage 3 Motorsports have started on our own mid-generation website facelift. While we're pretty good at our jobs, our improvements aren't going to get you any more horsepower or project a giant Stage 3 logo onto your ceiling from the back of your monitor. Still, we're pretty sure you'll like some of the changes we're making to make your life and online shopping a little easier. Most importantly, we're adding a new ''Top Sellers'' sub-category to each of our main site sections. As the name implies, these categories will list all of our best-selling Mustang performance parts for a given time span and give you an idea of what kind of gear is propelling your competitions to quick times around the track or at the drag strip. Currently, we have our 2012 GT/ V6 Mustang Top Sellers, our 2007 to 2012 GT500 Top Sellers, and our 2005 to 2009 Mustang GT Top Sellers up and running with the rest coming as quickly as possible (hopefully before Stage 3's big move). Each category contains many common Mustang performance parts including the usual hodge-podge of cold air intakes, exhaust kits, and body accessories, but the top items in each section are what's most interesting.
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