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Posted by Jason Locke on 4/28/2014 to Special Events

It seems like whenever we try to take customers somewhere fun and exciting, the weather turns on us. So, things were pretty dour going into our Greasy Spoon Trail run. The good news was that we all had trucks (and a single Jeep JK) that could handle the elements just fine. If anything, the rain, wind, cold, hail, and light snow made our trail run that much more fun. We had about 13 trucks come out for our Trail Day up in Sedona, with roughly 25 people between them all. We had folks come as far as North Carolina to take part in our Greasy Spoon Trail Run, and we all managed to get through it without breaking anything or anyone. We here at Stage 3 give our profound thanks to everyone who made up to Sedona to run the trail with us. You folks are awesome. Moreover, thanks everyone for having excellent trail discipline and not running into each other. That would've been bad. Anyway, here's a few of our images from the run. We'll have a video up sometime in the next week. Enjoy, and thanks again to all who came out!

Stage 3's Greasy Spoon Trail Day!
Posted by Jason Locke on 4/23/2014 to Special Events

We know we've been a little lean and stingy on information regarding our Sedona Trail Day on April 26th, but we've finally got everything nailed down and ready to go. Just a little refresher: we here at Stage 3 are hosting a trail run up at Greasy Spoon Trail which is located between Cottonwood and Sedona, Arizona, off of Highway 89. We're giving away goodies, prizes, and providing food over at Picazzo's Pizzaria just outside Sedona proper.

Stage 3's Sedona Trail Day

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/15/2014 to Just Added

Good news first: our dear friends over at ICON Vehicle Dynamics have just released their awesome suspension packages for the 2014 F150s after some serious (and quick) R&D work. All of these systems fit the slightly revised front suspension of the 2014 F150s with 4WD without modifying anything. The bad news is that it took a bit more than a lower control arm mount adapter (that some moron reported earlier). The front coilovers, in all their various forms, needed to be totally redesigned for the changes Ford made to the 2014 trucks. So, we get a whole new set of "Staged" suspension packages with their own part numbers for the 2014 F150s. Not the most awful news, however, I look pretty dumb. Nothing new. Ask my wife, she'll give you a list. Back on topic, here's all of the ICON Suspension Packages available for the 2014 4WD F150s:

2014 F150 4WD ICON Stage 2 Suspension Package
Posted by Jason Locke on 4/14/2014 to Install guides

I know what you're thinking. "A supercharger system! We'll be here all week!" Well, the bad news is that this here install guide from your friends at Stage 3 is a bit longer than our average exhaust kit, cold air intake, or throttle body install guide. The good news is that the total time of install for this here 2011 to 2014 F150 5.0L ProCharger Stage II Supercharger Kit was a measly five hours for the guys down at Extreme Performance and it went off with barely a hitch. So, while long, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple everything fits together. We're giving the folks over at ProCharger a ton of credit for putting this system together so well, especially when it's a brand new design for a truck that's been through limited testing and a quick development. Aside from a couple of minor hiccups with some of the kit's hardware, our ProCharger installation went extraordinarily well for being the third or fourth F150 5.0L system that ProCharger has shipped. Anyway, here's our ProCharger Stage II Intercooled System install guide on our 2012 F150 5.0L FX4 Project Truck. Enjoy!

2011-2014 F150 5.0L ProCharger Stage II Intercooled Supercharger System

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/8/2014 to Informative Articles

One of the biggest concerns someone usually has when buying a powerful centrifugal supercharger system from our dear friends over at ProCharger is what happens when something goes horrifically wrong? Even the most well-maintained engine and drivetrain can suffer a catastrophic failure, and throwing a supercharger system on your Mustang, F150, or SVT Raptor certainly isn't going to maintain your factory Ford Powertrain Warranty. Well, ProCharger has teamed up with the warranty gurus over at Cornerstone Performance to offer Complete Aftermarket Powertrain Warranties for all of their complete supercharger systems for Ford Mustangs, F150s, and SVT Raptors. ProCharger and Cornerstone offer up nine different warranty options to give you all the coverage your aggressive build needs or to meet your budget. ProCharger's Cornerstone Powertrain Warranties are a great insurance policy if you know you're going to be pushing your monstrous machine to its utter limits.

ProCharger Limited Warranty Options from Cornerstone

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/7/2014 to Just Added

Our dear friends over at aFe have been at the forefront of the F150 EcoBoost trucks since their launch back in 2011, thanks mostly to their Stage 2 Cold Air Intake and Bladerunner Charge Pipe. They've now taken a new huge step forward in getting your 3.5L EcoBoost V6 more horsepower and torque with their new additions of EcoBoost downpipes. Not to be outdone, aFe is offering four variations of their 2011 to 2014 F150 EcoBoost downpipes so that you can find the set that meets your needs, application, preferred exhaust note, or budget. aFe's has stainless steel catted downpipes, stainless steel off-road downpipes, aluminized steel catted downpipes, and aluminized steel off-road downpipes all available right here at Stage 3 Motorsports.

2011-2014 F150 EcoBoost aFe Catted Downpipes (Aluminized)

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/2/2014 to Install guides

Just when you thought we were done with exhaust installs from our friends over at Flowmaster, they bring out their big guns with this awesome Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust Kit for the 2009 to 2014 F150 V8s. Quite frankly, we though we were finished up with Flowmaster, too. Out of the blue, this kit landed on our doorstep, and it is impressive. The tiny Outlaw muffler and the massive 3" tubing all the way through to it's hyper-aggressive rolled tips makes this probably the loudest, baddest, and meanest exhaust kit that Flowmaster has for the F150s. There's no doubt that the kit is loud, but it's also very easy to install, even for a dual-exit kit. Just like the Flowmaster American Thunder Kit and Force II Cat-Back Kit, the Outlaw system comes with enough tubing for all of the F150 wheelbase options and features pipes for either a straight out the back exit or a dual side exit configuration for its tips. We got this awesome kit up on our 2012 F150 5.0L FX4 Project Truck in practically no time. Flowmaster is one of the most underrated exhaust manufacturers in the F150 market, so hopefully the Outlaw kit helps turn the tide.

2009-2014 F150 V8 Flowmaster Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust Kit

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