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Posted by Jason Locke on 4/30/2015 to New Products
Aside from a few aesthetic differences and the distinct lack of a bed, the 2015 F150s and the 2015 Expeditions with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6s are pretty similar. This is good, because it means a lot of parts and accessories cross over. It also means that our dear friends over at 5-Star only needed to tweak a thing or two in order to come up with some awesome and extremely powerful custom tunes for the 2015 Expedition 3.5L EcoBoost SUVs. 5-Star's tuning adds a ton of horsepower and torque to your Expedition's output and adjusts the shifting of your transmission to greatly improve drivability and towing capability. The tuning can also improve throttle response and fuel economy, making your 2015 Expedition that much better to drive. 5-Star's tuning for the 2015 Expeditions is available on both an SCT X4 Handheld Tuner and an SCT Livewire TS+ Tuner & Monitor.

2015 Expedition

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/30/2015 to Manufacturer News
From the moment it was first announced, we knew that Whipple's 2.9L Twin-Screw Supercharger System for the 2015 F150 5.0Ls was going to help those trucks push out monstrous levels of horsepower and torque. Well, we found out just how monstrous today. Our friends over at Whipple have released their official dyno numbers for the 2015 F150 2.9L Supercharger Kit, and the results are absolutely awesome. The 2.9L Whipple Kit allowed Whipple's test truck to put down 530 horsepower and 450lb-ft of torque at the tires, up from a baseline run of 315 horsepower and 325lb-ft of torque. That's a gain of 215 horsepower and 125lb-ft of torque at the tires The Whipple 2.9L System is shaping up to be one of the most powerful supercharger systems for the 2015 F150s!

2015 F150 5.0L Whipple 2.9L Supercharger System Dyno Graph

Posted by Erik Nep on 4/29/2015 to Just Added

We here at 2015 are excited about the potential for the newly redesigned 2015 F150 body style and how much more tough we can make it look after throwing a bunch of aftermarket parts on it. One of the best new items we're looking forward to is one of the aggressive new bumpers designed by our friends over at Fab Fours. They have fabricated some of the most aggressive and industrial-looking front and rear bumpers we've seen and we're sure that a 2015 loaded up in Fab Fours steel construction will transform your truck into something that nobody is going to want to mess with. Combining style and functionality, Fab Fours offers a few different versions that involve different finish options as well as as construction styles and, at the same time, you can also pick up a bumper that includes mounting points for a winch or several different configurations of off-road LED lighting.

2015 Ford F150 Fab Fours Elite Front Bumper

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/28/2015 to Just Added
Maximizing the power output of your 2011 to 2014 F150 5.0L means you'll need to swap out exhaust hardware sooner or later, but up until now, there wasn't a way for folks in areas with strict emissions to dump their stock exhaust manifolds for greener pastures. Our friends over at JBA are to help you out with their lineup of Cat4ward® shorty headers that are CARB-approved for street use and 50-state legal. In true JBA fashion, these shorty headers designed for utmost efficiency and add some extra horsepower, torque, fuel economy, and sound to your F150's 5.0L Coyote V8 as a drop-in replacement for your truck's stock manifolds. JBA's Cat4ward® Shorty Headers for the F150 5.0Ls are available in natural 409 Stainless Steel, Silver Ceramic Coated, and Titanium Ceramic Coated
2011-2014 F150 5.0L JBA Cat4ward® Natural Stainless Shorty Headers

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/27/2015 to Installed Photos
Certain tracks require driveshaft loops if your car is fast enough. Since we're planning on taking our 2012 Mustang GT Project Car past that mark, we needed to grab one of our own. So, while our Dynotech Driveshaft install was underway, we decided to also grab one of BMR's Single Front Driveshaft Safety Loops and kill two birds with one stone while we had the car up on the lift. The basic idea behind the safety loop is that it keeps the driveshaft from coming up and greeting one of us while we fly down the track. That's typically considered a "bad thing". In any case, the driveshaft was extremely easy to install and should serve its purpose in case we ever have any unexpected problems with our new Dynotech driveshaft.

2005-2012 Mustang GT BMR Front Single Driveshaft Safety Loop

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/27/2015 to Installed Photos
While a bit on the pricey side of things, swapping out your Mustang's heavy, stock two-piece driveshaft can make a world of difference in how it it handles and jumps off the line, even if you're not planning on pushing the horsepower and torque limits of the factory unit. While our 2012 Mustang GT Project Car is still more or less in its infancy, we went ahead and grabbed ourselves one of Dynotech's 2011 to 2014 Mustang GT 5.0L 3.5" One-Piece Driveshafts to get a bit more power down to our wheels and to get our Pony off the line that much faster. Since our 2012 Mustang GT is pretty much destined for track and drag strip action, adding an aftermarket driveshaft makes even more sense, but even an aggressive street build could see a pretty noticeable benefit from a Dynotech driveshaft or similar one-piece driveshaft.

2005-2014 Mustang GT Dynotech 3.5-Inch One-Piece Aluminum Driveshaft

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/27/2015 to Install guides
While our 2015 Mustang's Airaid SynthaFlow cold air intake served our 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang Project Car just fine and dandy, but we're always on the lookout for something new and original, and JLT's 2015 Mustang EcoBoost Cold Air Intake was most definitely new. In true JLT fashion, their 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang is a big, bad intake system with large filter, large inlet tubing, and impressively-sized lower air box assembly with an air duct. The kit's huge size is coupled with a design that provides your 2015 Mustang EcoBoost with a larger volume of cooler charge air than your factory air box, which gives your Pony a bump in power output, throttle response, and fuel economy. All of these are good things in our book, and the JLT intake system also looks pretty awesome under our Project Car's hood.

2015 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost JLT Cold Air Intake Kit

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/24/2015 to Special Events
Stage 3 Motorsports and 5-Star Tuning are featured on Two Guys Garage this week. Willie B and Kevin had an EcoBoost F150 in for some upgrades, so they gave us a ring to get a few bolt-ons and custom tuning from 5-Star. On top of all that good stuff, they added a Snow Performance Water-Meth kit for even more horsepower and torque. Check out the link after the jump for a clip of the hardware we provided or catch their episode on MavTV all this week!

Stage 3 on Two Guys Garage

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/24/2015 to Installed Photos
Not everyone is a fan of BedRug's bed liner kits, but we here at Stage 3 Motorsports can't even fathom a life without them. These things are just awesome. Comfy enough that you can put your dog in the bed or have a nap back there, yet tough enough to handle practically any job. We're practically in love with the things, and we just had to get a 2015 F150 Complete BedRug Bed Liner Kit for our own 2015 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Project Truck. While install was a bit more tricky due to the 2015's bed lights and revised cleat design, the BedRug was still rather easy top drop into our truck's 5.5ft bed and looks great. More importantly, it keeps the bed protected and thanks to its slick surface, makes it easier to load and unload all of our gear.

2015 F150 5.5ft Bed BedRug Complete Bed Liner Kit

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/23/2015 to Installed Photos
We here at Stage 3 Motorsports use the beds of all of our project trucks to their absolute fullest. We haul parts, camera equipment, and our gear to about every corner of the state and then use them some more for our leisure when we're not on the clock. We need a tonneau cover that can adapt to any situation and that's tough enough to deal with all of our various shenanigans. With all that in mind, we grabbed a BAK Industries BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover for our 2015 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Project Truck. The BAKFlip G2 features a Tri-Fold design, and more importantly, is made out of strong aluminum panels so that even we probably won't manage to break the thing. The BAKFlip G2 is easy to install and doesn't require any drilling or cutting. The G2 is a great choice for anyone that needs something a bit more durable than your standard roll-up tonneau kit, and it has a clean, near-flush look with our bed.

2015 F150 5.5ft Bed BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover Installed

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/23/2015 to Installed Photos
We're not going to lie, the stock front rake on our 2015 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Project Truck drove us crazy. Not just because it limits tire options, but because the truck just looked a bit goofy. To end the madness, we grabbed ourselves a 2" Auto Spring Leveling Kit and the results were excellent. We have just a minor hint of front rake and our larger amount of clearance means that bigger tires are right around the corner. The kit dropped right on top of the factory upper strut mounts without issue, and was overall a very straightforward and simple installation.

2014-2015 F150 Auto Spring 2-Inch Front Leveling Kit

Posted by Erik Nep on 4/20/2015 to Just Added

When it comes to perfecting the handling of your 2011-2015 6.7L Super Duty for off-road action, there are "lift kits" and then there are "Suspension Systems" and that's where Carli Suspension comes in. Here at Stage 3 Motorsports, we're excited to be able to now offer you the latest, most advanced, technology in off-road Super Duty suspension with these new custom-tuned packages that give your truck the ability to dominate the most rugged trails you can find off-road without breaking a sweat. Any company can add a set of Bilstein or King Shocks to a lift kit and add a high-performance label (or price tag) to it but where Carli changes the game is that they take the time to re-design each component and custom-tune them in order to perfect their performance for your Super Duty.

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/17/2015 to Just Added
Our friends over at MBRP are attacking the 2015 F150 2.7L and 3.5L EcoBoosts with just about everything they have, and they're offering a massive variety of different cat-back systems for these trucks with choices for both exit style and construction material. Whatever your final choice ends up being, MBRP's 2015 F150 EcoBoost Cat-Back Systems will give your truck an exhaust note that's a heck of a lot better than that adorable kitten purr that it comes with from the factory. What's even better is that MBRP designed these systems so that they'll fit on all of the available 2015 F150 EcoBoost wheelbase sizes with at most minor trimming of the lead pipes.

2015 F150 2.7L & 3.5L EcoBoost MBRP 4-Inch XP Series Cat-Back Exhaust Kit

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/14/2015 to Installed Photos
Our first round of the installs on our 2015 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Lariat FX4 was pretty smooth sailing. Granted, most of the parts were fairly basic, including aFe's 2015 F150 2.7L & 3.5L EcoBoost Stage 2 Magnum Force Pro 5R Cold Air Intake Kit. aFe's intake is a pretty slick and aggressive upgrade to your truck, adding noticeable levels of throttle response, improved fuel economy, a cool sound, and an aggressive look to your engine bay. The aFe Stage 2 intake kit for the 2015 F150 EcoBoosts is also extremely easy to install and doesn't require any sort of tuning for operation. The 2015 F150 EcoBoost Stage 2 intake makes for a good, if slightly pricey, bolt-on performance piece for your aggressive truck build.

2015 F150 EcoBoost aFe Stage 2 Cold Air Intake Installed

Posted by Erik Nep on 4/7/2015 to Just Added

While all of us here at Stage 3 are excited about the new exterior changes of the 2015 F150, we're even more pumped to see how much cooler and aggressive we can make it look with a few aftermarket upgrades. One of the most dramatic modifications you can make that will add a completely new custom look is an aftermarket grille from our friends at T-Rex. They are known for creating some of the most aggressive and tough Upper Grilles as well as matching Lower Bumper Grilles and they have not failed to bring it with this new line-up of 5 different styles and finishes to choose from in order to make your F150 stand out from the rest of the pack. Whether you're looking to add off-road LED lighting or give your truck a blacked-out or chromed-out theme, you can't go wrong with any of these grilles.

Posted by Jason Locke on 4/7/2015 to Installed Photos
There are some things in life that are just totally inevitable. One of those things is that we here at Stage 3 Motorsports will wreck the floor mats and likely the interior carpet of any of our project vehicles eventually. To help nip that little problem in the bud on our 2015 F150 EcoBoost FX4 Project Truck, we needed some much heavier-duty floor mats. We grabbed ourselves a set of 2015 F150 Husky Liners Front WeatherBeater™ Floor Mats and a 2015 F150 SuperCrew Husky liner Rear Floor Mat so that when we trudge in dust, grime, mud, snow, and whatever else we happen to drag into the cab while we're out shooting video and abusing our truck, it doesn't get all over the place. The Huksy Liner WeatherBeaters™ look pretty awesome and do their job more than adequately.

2015 F150 Husky Liners WeatherBeater™ Floor Mats Installed

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