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Posted by Jason Locke on 5/31/2017 to Just Added
While adding a 6" suspension lift to your 2009-2017 F150 can be a thing of beauty, most basic lift kits come with a strut spacer and reuse your stock coilover, which means a "meh" look and no gain in performance. Our friends over at Halo Lifts teamed up with suspension masters Radflo to develop a full-length 2.5 coilover for 6" lifted trucks, and they've now released their 2014-2017 F150 2.5 Coilover Kit for sale, and their 2009-2013 F150 2.5 Coilover Kit for pre-order. These full-length 2.5 coilovers options replace the strut spacer and factory strut assembly on your F150's 6" lift kit, all while providing awesome handling and performance on and off-road.

2009-2017 Halo Lifts Radflo 2.5 Coilovers for 6-Inch Lifts

Posted by Jason Locke on 5/26/2017 to Just Added
Maximizing the power outputs and sound of your 2017 Raptor means you'll have to grab some exhaust upgrades eventually, and who better to turn to than our friends at Stainless Works and their lineup of 2017 Raptor Cat-Back Kits and 2017 Raptor Downpipes. Stainless Works has released both a Dumped 3" cat-back and rear-exit cat-back exhaust kit for the 2017 Raptors, as well as both an off-road downpipe and catted downpipe kit. Stainless Works' downpipes will get your Raptor big-time power, while their cat-backs will add a great sound and look to your rugged off-road Raptor.

2017 Raptor Stainless Works Downpipes & Cat-Back Kits

Posted by Jason Locke on 5/26/2017 to Just Added
The 2017 Raptors may be some of the baddest trucks both on and off the road, but if you're looking to squeeze on larger wheels and tires, you're going to have a tough time thanks to those non-adjustable 3.0 Coilovers. Luckily, ReadyLift is here to help with a nice selection of 2017 Raptor Leveling Kits to help you squeeze out some more ride height from your hyper-aggressive Raptor. ReadyLift now has a 1.5" leveling kit, a 2.5" leveling kit, and a 2.5" SST Level/Lift Kit that adds height to both the front and rear. If you were looking for a towering, new look for your 2017 Raptor, any one of ReadyLift's kits can help you out.

ReadyLift 2017 Raptor Leveling Kits

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 5/26/2017 to Special Events
Do you follow Stage 3 on social media? If not, you should. If you do, you'll have the opportunity to win a free Stage 3 swag bag as part of our latest giveaway! That's right, we're giving away up to five prizes, each consisting of a Stage 3 t-shirt, custom Under Armour backpack and Stage 3 windshield decal. All you have to do to earn yourself a single entry is share the post with the following image from our Instagram or Facebook page and tag a friend. And if you're an overachiever, feel free to share it on both Facebook and Instagram for two entries! Read on for the nitty gritty details.

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 5/25/2017 to Manufacturer News
What's not to like about N-FAB? They make high-quality, stylish and functional accessories for all of our favorite Ford trucks. And now they're giving us yet another reason to love them: 10% all N-FAB products! N-FAB makes everything from nerf bars to lights bars to grilles and everything comes with an unmistakable off-road style and of course N-FAB's legendary reputation for quality. Long story short, if you've been jonesing for a new off-road accessory for your F150 or Super Duty, now's the time. This sweet sale begins Friday, May 26th, 2017 (starting at 12 AM, midnight) and runs through Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 (ending 11:59 PM).

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 5/25/2017 to Manufacturer News
There are a lot of reasons to want to tune your Mustang, F150 or Super Duty. However, to save money is not usually one of those reasons. However, this Memorial Day you'll actually be able to save $40 on any individual 5-Star tuner or tuning package thanks to one of our best manufacturer sales of the year! Don't miss out on this limited time offer and hook your ride up with a 5-Star tuner at a price you won't easily find again! This can't-miss deal is running from May 24th, 2017 to May 30th, 2017.

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 5/25/2017 to Manufacturer News
We've got some good news and we've got some bad news. Good news first: the good folks over at ReadyLift are helping you get your hands on the lift or leveling kit of your dreams by taking 15% off everything they make. The bad news is that this deal is only available for a limited time, beginning Friday May 26th and ending Memorial Day, Monday May 29th. Don't miss out on Stage 3's biggest ReadyLift sale of the year! Hit the jump for more details and specific links to some of our most popular ReadyLift parts!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 5/22/2017 to Manufacturer News
Let's face it - our shared addiction to the Ford aftermarket isn't always kind to our wallets. That's why we here at Stage 3 are always busy looking for ways to help our faithful customers save some dough. This time around we have two big ongoing Memorial Day sales to announce from two of our favorite manufacturers: Truck Hero and 5-Star Tuning. In case you didn't know, Truck Hero encompasses a bunch of different premium brands including N-FAB, BAK Industries, BedRug, and Extang. Read on for further details about how to take advantage of these dual Memorial Day sales!

Posted by Jason Locke on 5/20/2017 to Just Added
As much as we don't miss having to replace throttle cables and manually readjust throttle bodies, the hesitation you can get with your average fly-by-wire throttle controls can be annoying. That's where Pedal Commander's Throttle Controllers come in. These plug-and-play modules allow you to adjust your vehicle's throttle inputs so that you get improved response and perfectly dialed-in throttle control. The Pedal Commander controllers come with four pre-set modes with adjustable sensitivity for each so that you can find the sweet spot for your vehicle's throttle. Check after the jump for a full list of Pedal Commander applications!

Pedal Commander Throttle Controller

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 5/19/2017 to Just Added
Fiesta ST owners, rejoice! Stage 3 is proud to welcome a whole new category to the site comprised of performance parts and accessories for the 2014+ Fiesta ST! Turns out, these zippy little hatchbacks have developed a decently active aftermarket just waiting to transform them into track-ready hot hatches, and we just had to get in on the fun. We'll be busy tracking down as many quality Fiesta parts as possible in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned!

Posted by Jason Locke on 5/19/2017 to Just Added
While our dear friends over at SCT are still diligently working to provide support for the 2017 F150 3.5L EcoBoosts and 2017 Raptors, HP Tuners beat them to the punch and 5-Star Tuning has had some tremendous success in tuning for both the 2017 F150 3.5L EcoBoosts and the 2017 Raptor 3.5L HO EcoBoost trucks. We're now offering both a 2017 F150 3.5L EcoBoost nGauge with 5-Star Tunes and a 2017 Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost nGauge with 5-Star Tunes. The nGauge is an easy to use device, and 5-Star's custom tunes are adding huge amounts of power to the 2017 3.5L EcoBoost trucks!

2017 F150 & Raptor nGauge Tuners with 5-Star Custom Tunes

Posted by Jason Locke on 5/16/2017 to Just Added
Unsurprisingly, a lot of our manufacturers saw the massive bumper openings on the 2017 Raptors as an opportunity for mounting up an impressive array of off-road lights, and our friends over at Raptor Lights have thrown their hat into the ring with their Triple Fog Light Bucket Bezel Kit. This kit can hold three lights on each side of your Raptor's bumper, giving it an impressive amount of off-road light output in a clean package. The kit comes with a pair of KC Flex Series Single Spot Beam Lights with black bezels, but you can choose up to four other 3" cube lights to fit the other mounting points. The end result is pretty awesome!

2017 Raptor Raptor Lights Triple Fog Light Bezel Kit

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 5/15/2017 to Just Added
Love taking your trailer or boat out for the weekend but hate the hassle that comes with hooking it up to your truck? I'm about to make your day. Trailer Valet's trailer dolly systems feature high/low gear chain drive cranks that let you easily maneuver your trailer through inclines and tight spaces like garages and driveways. The gear reduction mechanism on the Trailer Valet 5X is powerful enough to move a 5000 lbs. trailer with a 500 lbs. tongue weight, while the Trailer Valet XL can handle a trailer or boat up to 10,000 lbs. with a 1,000 lbs. tongue weight.

Posted by Jason Locke on 5/11/2017
When Mishimoto released their Intercoolers for the 2011-2014 F150 3.5L EcoBoosts, we knew it was only a matter of time before they churned out more goodies for the EcoBoost F150s. Well, they have in the form of a new 2011-2014 F150 EcoBoost Cold-Side Intercooler Tube, Hot-Side Intercooler Tubes, and a Complete Intercooler Tubing Kit. Mishimoto's F150 EcoBoost intercooler tubes will help your truck gain some power while improving throttle response and spool, and don't even strictly require tuning. Mishimoto even throws in high-quality silicone couplers and t-bolt clamps, which is a great touch. These kits are available for pre-order, with an estimated release date of mid-July.

2011-2014 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Mishimoto Complete Intercooler Tubing Kit
Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 5/5/2017 to Just Added
Now that we're starting to see a good number of 2017 F250 and F350s out on the road, you might be looking for a way to set your own Super Duty apart from the rest. Well, if that's the case your search ends today. Addictive Desert Designs has made quite a name for themselves in the aftermarket, namely for their insanely "addictive" designs and functional exterior accessories. Their ridiculously awesome Stealth and Stealth R bumpers are the latest to hit Stage 3 Motorsports and serve as reminders that when it comes to style and utility, ADD is still king. Check out the Stealth R Front Bumper and Stealth Rear Bumper or hit the jump to learn how you can save $100 on a set of front and rear ADD bumpers!

Posted by Jason Locke on 5/4/2017 to Manufacturer News
While we had confirmation of cat-back exhaust fitments for up to the 2017 3.5L EcoBoosts for a good while now, downpipes were questionable. With a new transmission and revised motor, many manufacturers were concerned that changes would have to be made. However, those fears have come to pass, and it's confirmed that all of 2015-2016 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Downpipes now fit to the 2017 3.5L EcoBoost F150 model year. While that's certainly great news, there is a slight hiccup in that SCT still does not have tuning support ready for the 2017 F150s and Raptors with a 3.5L EcoBoost. Hopefully that rolls around sooner, rather than later.

2017 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Downpipe Fitments Confirmed

Posted by Jason Locke on 5/3/2017 to Informative Articles
While we certainly do love all of Ford's F150s, one of the greatest travesties in the automotive world was that our dear Ford overlords didn't bring the global T6 Ranger to the United States after the US Ranger went away in 2012. Luckily, Ford realized the error of their ways (probably by looking at Tacoma, Colorado, and Frontier sales figures) and are bringing the Ranger back for the 2019 model year. The folks over at managed to score some spy shots of the the 2019 Ranger testing up in Colorado. While still camo'd out, we're pretty excited about a 4x4 Ford truck with a shorter wheelbase and narrower track than the F150s to satisfy our trail-running needs.

2019 Ford Ranger Spy Photos

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