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Posted by Jason on 8/30/2012 to Just Added
MSD Ignition is one of the premier sources of high-performance ignition systems on the planet, with their coil packs, distributors, wiring, and other gear finding its way into some of the most powerful Mustangs on the road. We here at Stage 3 now have all of their excellent Mustang performance ignition systems ready to jump into your 1987 to 2013 Mustang GT or V6 and give you the power and performance that you�ve been craving.
Posted by Jason on 8/23/2012 to Just Added
Saleen owners have had it rough. Some of that is mitigated by having one of the most awesome Mustang variants to ever have existed, but the turmoil the company went through (and continues to go through) hurt a bit. Genuine parts are hard to come by, but we here at Stage 3 stepped into the fold and offer up genuine Saleen body pieces for the 1999 to 2004 S281s and S351s that can help you heal your Saleen Mustang when disaster strikes or when you want some authentic Saleen flair for your Mustang GT, V6, or Cobra. One thing that's been sorely absent from our war chest was a steady supply of genuine Saleen hoods. While we had just about everything else that made a Saleen Mustang a Saleen Mustang their hoods were always just out of reach. Not any more. Our good friends at TruFiber and TruCarbon have given Stage 3 exclusive access to a little project that they've been working on: the rebirth of the Saleen Extreme Hood. These Saleen Extreme-style hoods come in both a fiberglass and wicked carbon fiber version versions that are almost exact and very faithful recreations of the hoods that originally adorned Saleen S281 Extreme Mustangs.
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