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Posted by Erik Nep on 8/30/2016 to Just Added

The sleek and stylish 2015-2017 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang has a lot of appeal but if you're looking for an increase in performance and a more aggressive muscle car sound, swapping out the quiet and restrictive exhaust system is your best bet. Our friends at Krona have been hard at work designing a high-performance solution that blends a unique exhaust note with a fine balance of craftsmanship and fitment to take your EcoBoost to the next level. Krona's signature B.A.M.F. system (Bolt-on And Modular Function) gives you the ability to piece this modular system together in separate stages as your budget permits or as a full-on Turboback system.

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 8/24/2016 to Just Added
The 2017 Super Duty is finally rolling out of the factory and we here at Stage 3 are as excited as anyone to get our hands on it and put the revamped 6.7L Powerstroke to the test. One of the first things we plan on doing is jacking the truck up to a proper off-roading height. Fabtech got a head start on the competition by developing a hefty variety of 4 - 6" lift and leveling kits for the new diesels, which are now available for pre-order right here at Stage 3, your trusted source for performance Ford parts and information. Fabtech builds a solid suspension system for nearly any budget, from simple 2" spacer leveling kits to complete 6" four-link suspension lift kits. If you aren't sure exactly what you want just yet, feel free to read on about the different benefits and drawbacks specific to each application.

2017 Super Duty Fabtech 6

Posted by Jason Locke on 8/22/2016 to Special Events
With our 2011 F150 XL Project Build well under way, and with a few changes made to our 2015 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Project Truck, we took both of these F150s up to the high scrub lands of Northern Arizona to put their suspension hardware and their tires through their paces. Both trucks performed extremely well with the 2011 F150's BOSS Trail Package 1 and 325/60R18 Toyo Open Country A/T IIs easily tearing through the soft and dry land, while the 2015 F150's Zone 6" Lift Kit with BOSS Front Coilovers and 35x12.50" Nitto Trail Grappler M/Ts let it crawl through desert washes and water runs without breaking a sweat. Check out all of our photos after the jump!

Stage 3's Project Trucks Off-Road in Northern Arizona

Posted by Erik Nep on 8/8/2016 to Just Added

While your 2015-2017 Mustang may have come loaded from the factory with a bunch of awesome features and upgrades, the aftermarket industry has been hard at work following up with even more impressive ways to separate your Pony from the pack. Our friends over at Classic Design Concepts have created a couple new parts to help give your ride an even more impressive look with their new Outlaw Switchback Upper Grille with DRL lights. Mike, over at CDC was one of the first to outfit his GT with one of these new grilles and shared some great pictures. This upper grille is going to be hard to beat.

Posted by Jason Locke on 8/5/2016 to Informative Articles
In what should come as no surprise to anyone is that a 2011 F150 with 174,000 miles has its fair share of problems, one of the most egregious for our 2011 F150 XL Project Truck was a broken IWE system that caused pretty horrendous grinding and sounds of suffering when first taking off and when turning. For the uninitiated, Ford's Integrated Wheel End (IWE) system is what locks and unlocks the front hubs when you change back and forth from 2WD and 4WD. The system works off of vacuum and functions a little counter-intuitively in that it uses vacuum to keep the hubs unlocked for 2WD and shuts off the vacuum to lock the front hubs for 4WD. While actually a pretty clever way of doing things, anything vacuum-operated is prone to problems, and the IWE system isn't an uncommon point of issues on any 4WD F150, regardless of engine option. Hit the jump to see how we solved the IWE problems on our very own project truck!

2011-2014 F150 IWE System Failure and Repair

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