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Posted by Jason Locke on 9/26/2014 to Install guides

One of the most aggressive, most noticeable, and most helpful modifications for a dedicated off-road F150 is getting an off-road bumper. Given that we're going full-on loony with our 2012 F150 EcoBoost FX4 Project Truck build, we decided to invest in a little something-something from our cross-town neighbors over at Addictive Desert Designs (ADD). We grabbed ourselves one of ADD's awesome 2011 to 2014 F150 EcoBoost Stealth Front Bumpers to help keep our truck protected off-road, give it an awesome look, and serve as the base for a bunch of future off-road LED lighting. Basically, the bumper was everything we could ever want, and when it arrived, we were like kids on Christmas Day. In any case, the bumper was totally awesome, and was perfect for our aggressive truck.

2011-2014 F150 EcoBoost ADD Stealth Paneled Vented Front Bumper Install

Posted by Jason Locke on 9/26/2014 to Install guides

While there's a few lower-cost coilover kits available on the market, there's not much out there that can hit a full 3" of extra front lift while keeping ride quality butter smooth. The F150lifts BOSS coilovers are the exception, and offer 0-3" of extra ride height while giving your truck a silky smooth ride on the street and improved performance off-pavement. Now, our 2012 F150 EcoBoost FX4 Project truck was already sitting pretty with its Zone 6" Suspension Lift kit, however, we here at Stage 3 can't leave well enough alone, so our dastardly plot for getting more front ride height involved swapping out our Zone Kit's lifted strut assembly with the Boss coilovers attached to pair of Pro Comp strut spacers meant for one of their lift kits. While this install basically shows you how to turn a 6" lift into an 8" lift, you can still get a good idea on how to install the BOSS coilovers on truck with stock ride height. You'll just have a heck of a lot less hassles than we did. For those of you who want to turn your 6" lift kit up a notch or two, this is basically what you're in for. Overall, we got the job done, but install wasn't quite as easy as simple strut/coilover swap. The end result is still super-impressive.

2009-2013 F150 4WD F150Lifts Boss Coilover Install Guide

Posted by Jason Locke on 9/26/2014 to Install guides

We here at Stage 3 aren't very good at leaving anything alone for any given period of time, so we made an executive decision to add even more height onto our 2012 F150 EcoBoost FX4 Project Truck on top of its current Zone 6" Suspension Lift Kit. The first step of the process was to bring up the rear of the truck, and to that end we grabbed a 2009 to 2014 F150 Pro Comp Add-a-Leaf Kit to get roughly 1" to 1.5" of rear lift. The Add-a-Leaf kit consists of two, new leaf springs that install into your truck's leaf pack to provide some extra ride height without compromising ride quality or towing capacity. Install is pretty basic, though getting the stud holes in the springs to all line back up while compressing them can be a bit tricky. Still, this job is totally doable as a DIY. After install, our truck gained about 1.5" of ride height which should settle down a bit after the springs are broken in, but we achieved our goal and our ride is still butter smooth.

2009-2014 F150 Pro Comp Add-a-Leaf Kit Install Guide

Posted by Jason Locke on 9/15/2014 to Special Events

We here at Stage 3 are all over the 2015 Mustangs, and we've put in our order for a brand spanking new 2015 Mustang with a 2.3L EcoBoost I4! This base EcoBoost Mustang is coming with a 6-speed manual transmission (of course) and a nice and ostentatious Competition Orange paint job that is sure to grab some attention. We opted for the base model EcoBoost car, given that we're going to be throwing everything and the kitchen sink at this car, including a full host of bolt-on performance parts, suspension components, exhaust parts, and whatever else we can find before topping it all off with aggressive custom tuning.

2015 Mustang EcoBoost Project Car

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