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2015-2020 F150 CoverKing Ballistic Cordura Cashmere Front Seat Covers CTSC1E5

**DISCONTINUED**15-20 F150 CoverKing Ballistic Cordura Cashmere Front Covers
**DISCONTINUED**15-20 F150 CoverKing Ballistic Cordura Cashmere Front Covers
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Awesome Look for your Interior with Excellent Storage Capability

There are some interior storage units on the market that do a good job of helping organize your gear, but if you're trying to gain a tactical advantage and keep everything within arms reach, CoverKing literally has your back. With their Ballistic Kryptek-Series Seat Covers, CoverKing gives your F150 some of the most versatile seat covers on the market. These seat covers were designed with a military-style MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, pronounced "Molly") design and come with storage pouches, holster, and straps so that you can greatly increase your F150's interior storage capabilities while adding a wicked, tactical look to your hyper-aggressive F150 build. This particular version of CoverKing's Ballistic Seat Covers features a Cordura Cashmere pattern. The Cordura covers come with five pouches and a pistol holster loop that easily drops onto the cover of your MOLLE system wherever you need it most.

Durable, Water-Resistant Material that's UV-Treated

While CoverKing's Ballistic Seat Covers look awesome, they're also built to last and to survive just about any application that you have in mind while giving you and your truck a tactical advantage. Each seat cover is made from 1680 Dernier ballistic fabric that are UV-treated to prevent fading or stains from intense or long-term sun exposure. The MOLLE system is extremely easy to use and the included pouches can be installed in only a few minutes. The covers can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or other mild fabric cleaner. Matching rear seat covers are available.

Front Seat Configuration: CoverKing Ballistic Seat Covers are made for specific front seat configurations. Please carefully select your F150's front seat type from our drop-down menu above.

Available Configurations:

  • CSC1E5-FD9640T: 50/50 Bucket, w/ Removable Headrest, w/ Side Airbag, w/ Power Driver & Pass Seat
  • CSC1E5-FD9641T: 50/50 Bucket, w/ Removable Headrest, w/ Side Airbag, w/ Power Driver & Manual Pass Seat
  • CSC1E5-FD9642T: 50/50 Buckets, w/ Removable Headrests, w/ Side Airbag, w/ Manual Driver and Manual Passenger Seat
  • CSC1E5-FD9812T: 40/20/40, Removable Headrests, Side Airbags, Power Driver & Passenger Seats, Console Storage
  • CSC1E5-FD9813T: 40/20/40, Removable Headrests, Airbags, Power Driver & Passenger Seats, No Console Storage
  • CSC1E5-FD9814T: 40/20/40, Removable Headrests, Airbags, Power Driver, Manual Passenger, Console Storage
  • CSC1E5-FD9815T: 40/20/40, Removable Headrests, Airbags, Power Driver's, Manual Passenger, No Console Storage
  • CSC1E5-FD9816T: 40/20/40, Removable Headrests, Airbags, Manual Driver's & Passenger's, No Console Storage

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We here at Stage 3 love and appreciate all of our Canadian customers. What we don't love is charging an arm, a leg, and maybe a kidney for shipping across the imaginary line up North. The good news is that we can ship this CoverKing Seat Cover to Canada for the low rate of $40! That includes orders of both front and rear seat covers purchased together! Just call us at 623-434-5277 to take advantage of this deal!

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