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DEI Ultra 47 T4 Turbo Shield DEI-010173

**DISCONTINUED**DEI Ultra 47 T4 Turbo Shield
**DISCONTINUED**DEI Ultra 47 T4 Turbo Shield
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Superior Heat Control

Maintaining proper engine temperatures is one of the most crucial factors to the performance of your turbo and your whole engine. For one, you avoid overheating, and two, cooler air means denser air, which equals more power. And isn't that what we all want? With The Ultra 47 T4 Turbo Shield by DEI, you effectively reduce engine temperatures, greatly extending the life of your hoses, harnesses, and other vital engine components. This high-quality turbo shield by DEI is made from a tri-layer mix of Aluminum impregnated glass fiber outer shell with a hi-temperature insulating mat core and silica glass blend liner -- you just can't beat that quality. Even better, your underhood appearance gets a nice facelift with the turbo shield's double stitching and heavy duty capped anchor points.

Improved Turbo Performance

Sometimes big power gains come in small packages. Such is the case with the DEI Ultra 47 T4 Turbo Shield. Just because this little upgrade won't cost you an arm and a leg doesn't mean it won't give you a nice boost in turbo performance. Keeping the exhaust heat in the turbo housing at a minimum reduces spool-up time and increases exhaust gas velocity, resulting in more power and quicker throttle response.

Note: This turbo blanket is designed to fit T4 turbos and other similarly sized turbos.

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