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2009-2014 F150 Oval Blackout Grey Lettering Overlay Badge Kit (Rear Camera Only) F150OVALGREYC

09-14 F150 Rear Camera Oval Blackout Grey Lettering Badges
09-14 F150 Rear Camera Oval Blackout Grey Lettering Badges
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  • Grey on black vinyl badge decals
  • Grey Ford lettering on a black background
  • Pair of overlays for the front and rear
  • Look great on dark paint and black styling themes
  • Easy stick-on installation
  • For F150s with OEM rear cameras only

Awesome New Look for Custom Styling Themes

Getting a unique look for your aggressive truck build mean leaving behind all remnants of the stock hardware, especially the front and rear Ford oval badge that can seriously clash with your truck's styling theme. This set of two vinyl overlays feature an aggressive grey/black color scheme and easily drop onto your truck's factory Ford oval badges, instantly changing the look of your front grille and tailgate. These badges are an excellent choice for any 2009 to 2014 F150 going for a red and black styling theme or anyone looking for a new look for their tough F150 truck.

OEM Rearview Camera Fitment: this overlay kit will only fit F150s equipped with an option OE backup camera. An overlay kit for trucks without a factory-installed backup cameras is also available.

Overlay Install Instructions:
  1. Clean off your truck's factory emblems with a clean, moist rag, and completely let dry. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol or thinner, as it ruins the overlay's adhesive.
  2. Ensure that your emblem is free from dirt, grime, debris, and anything else. Anything trapped under the overlay will be visible.
  3. Remove the overlay from its backing paper, but leave it attached to the semi-transparent transfer tape on the front of the overlay.
  4. Hold the overlay on both sides and line it up with your truck's emblem center it properly. Do not press down firmly until you are happy with the placement of the decal.
  5. Begin to apply the overlay by pressing down firmly in its center.
  6. Use your thumbs to press the overlay down onto your stock emblem by working your way up and down, then left and right while taking care to ensure a smooth application.
  7. If you're happy with the placment of the decal, slowly remove the semi-trasparent transfer tape on the overlay's front side.
  8. Smooth out the overlay around its edges. You can also use a haiur dryer on low settings to help mould the overlay around the edgs of your stock emblem and to help "heat-set" the adhesive.

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