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2009-2014 F150 Fiberwerx Flared One-Piece Front Fenders (Pair) F1F-005

09-14 F150 Fiberwerx Flared One-Piece Front Fenders
09-14 F150 Fiberwerx Flared One-Piece Front Fenders
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Build Time 6-8 Weeks

Two Complete Front F150 Fenders

The thing that gets in the way of installing really massive wheel and tire combinations is your stock fenders, and there's generally not a great way to deal with it, besides cutting or trimming your stock fenders. That's why Fiberwerx, one of the best names in off-road body designs, developed this pair of front fiberglass fenders that give your truck a fairly clean, near-stock look while providing some extra clearance for utterly massive wheel and tire combinations for your aggressive off-road F150 build of choice. This pair of awesome fenders bolt right on in place of your stock fenders without any drilling and are up to 4" wider than the factory fenders at their widest point and a have a tapered design that lets you squeeze on much larger wheels for all your truck's off-road fun and games.

Bolt-On Replacements for Stock

Each of these Fiberwerx F150 off-road fenders are made out of high-quality fiberglass that's tough enough to take the occasional bump and bruise from the trail, but has enough give to not take your truck's body with it, if you nail something on the large side. Each pair of fenders comes unpainted in a natural fiberglass finish. The fender's drop into place of your truck's factory fenders and can be installed using hand tools with only minor modifications for alignment and finishing.

Freight Shipping Options: due to the large size of these fender flares, a shipping charge will be added to your order. Please select your shipping options from the drop-down menu above. Call 1-877-578-2433 for more information.

Bumper Valance: these fenders will fit with your truck's stock factory bumper valance, however, Fiberwerx's bumper valance will give them a cleaner look. Please use our drop-down menu above to order.

Check out a before and after installation of these fenders on a customer's 2012 F150 5.0L FX4 over on a blog!

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