Fuel Efficiency Hacks for New Ford Bronco Owners
Are you a proud new owner of a 2021-2024 Ford Bronco? Whether you're tackling rugged trails or cruising the city streets, improving your Bronco's fuel efficiency can save you money and reduce your environmental impact. In this guide, we'll share practical tips on enhancing your Bronco’s fuel efficiency through maintenance, driving habits, and lightweight modifications. Let's get started!

Key Specifications of the 2021-2024 Ford Bronco Ford Bronco Specifications
Feature 2021-2024 Ford Bronco
Engine Options 2.3L EcoBoost I4, 2.7L EcoBoost V6, 3.0L EcoBoost V6
Horsepower 270 hp (2.3L), 310 hp (2.7L), 400 hp (3.0L)
Torque 310 lb-ft (2.3L), 400 lb-ft (2.7L), 430 lb-ft (3.0L)
Transmission Options 7-speed manual, 10-speed automatic
Drivetrain 4WD
Fuel Economy (Combined) 17-21 MPG
Towing Capacity Up to 4,500 lbs
Cargo Space (Max) 77.6 cubic feet

Regular Maintenance: The Foundation of Fuel Efficiency

Improving fuel efficiency in your 2021-2024 Ford Bronco can lead to significant savings and a more environmentally friendly ride. With an average combined fuel economy of 17-21 MPG, there's certainly room for optimization. Maintaining your Bronco is essential for keeping it running efficiently. Regular maintenance not only leads to better fuel economy but also ensures a smoother ride. Start by keeping your tires properly inflated. Under-inflated tires increase rolling resistance, causing your engine to work harder and consume more fuel. By checking your tire pressure monthly and maintaining it at the manufacturer’s recommended levels, you can improve fuel efficiency and extend the life of your tires. Next, consider changing your air filter regularly. A clean air filter ensures optimal airflow to your engine, which can significantly enhance fuel efficiency. Upgrading to a high-performance Cold Air Intake system not only boosts fuel efficiency but also improves engine performance. Using the recommended motor oil is another simple yet effective way to enhance fuel efficiency. High-quality synthetic oils reduce engine friction, leading to better fuel economy and superior performance. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil for optimal results.

Driving Habits: Small Changes, Big Savings

Your driving style has a substantial impact on fuel consumption. Adopting fuel-efficient driving habits can lead to considerable savings over time. For instance, avoiding aggressive driving can make a big difference. Rapid acceleration, hard braking, and speeding drastically reduce fuel efficiency. Instead, accelerate smoothly, maintain a steady speed, and anticipate traffic to avoid unnecessary braking. Using cruise control on highways is another effective strategy. It helps maintain a constant speed, reducing the need for acceleration and deceleration, thereby saving fuel. Additionally, reducing idle time can have a significant impact. Idling consumes fuel without moving you an inch, so if you’re going to be stopped for more than a minute, turn off your engine.

Lightweight Modifications: Shed Some Pounds

Reducing your Bronco’s weight can also improve fuel efficiency. Start by removing unnecessary weight. Carrying around heavy items you don’t need decreases fuel efficiency. Clear out tools or equipment from the cargo area when they're not required. Upgrading to lightweight Alloy Wheels is another effective modification. These wheels reduce your Bronco’s overall weight, leading to better fuel efficiency and improved handling. Typically, lightweight wheels weigh between 15 to 25 pounds each, compared to the 30 to 35 pounds of standard steel wheels. Additionally, upgrading to a new Exhaust System can help improve airflow and reduce backpressure, resulting in better fuel efficiency and enhanced engine performance.

Bonus Tip: Optimize Your Throttle Response with Pedal Commander

Finally, consider optimizing your throttle response with a device like the 2011-2023 Ford Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller! This device makes your Bronco more responsive to acceleration inputs, enhancing your driving experience and improving fuel efficiency along the way. Pedal Commander offers 4 program selections: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+. Each mode features 9 different sensitivity levels (36 in total) and can be accessed using the program button on the module or by using your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Eco Mode maximizes fuel economy by up to 20% over the stock rating and can double as a valet mode when you have to leave your keys behind.


Enhancing the fuel efficiency of your new Ford Bronco is both practical and straightforward. By performing regular maintenance, adopting efficient driving habits, and making lightweight modifications, you can enjoy more miles per gallon and save money in the long run. Plus, you'll be contributing to a greener environment. Start implementing these hacks today and watch your fuel savings add up!

2021-2024 Ford Bronco Fuel Efficiency Mods

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