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2011-2023 F150 G2 Clutch Type Limited Slip Differential (9.75" & 34-Spline Only) 45-2012

**DISCONTINUED**11-23 F150 9.75' G2 Clutch Type Rear Limited Slip Differential
**DISCONTINUED**11-23 F150 9.75' G2 Clutch Type Rear Limited Slip Differential
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Excellent Upgrade for Improved Traction and Off-Road Performance

F150s equipped with an open differential may do fine for the daily grind around town, but they're at a colossal disadvantage when it comes to off-road and performance applications that require beefed up traction that an open differential can't deliver. The G2 Axle and Gear limited slip differential gives your truck all the performance of 2011 to 2022 F150s that can from the factory with limited slips at a price that won't break your bank. G2's clutch-type limited slip is a great upgrade for any truck still rolling around with an open rear differential, especially 2WD F150s that are already struggle off-road and in other low-traction conditions. The G2 LSD is a drop-in replacement for your truck's open differential and can also be used as a replacement for worn or damaged factory LSDs.

Improves Traction by Directing Torque to Both Wheels

The G2 F150 limited slip differential works by keeping at least some power and torque flowing to both of your truck's rear wheels, even if one does lose traction. With a standard open differential, when a wheel loses traction, all of the power and torque from your engine will only go to the wheel without traction while the wheel with traction sits perfectly still. G2's LSD will at least keep some power going to both rear wheels to help get you out of trouble both on the road and off of it.

For Ford 9.75" rear ends with 34-spline axles: this LSD will only fit trucks with 9.75" rear ends with 34-spline axles built from 2011 to 2022.

Will not fit SVT Raptors: this locker will not fit SVT Raptors, due to the fact that Raptors have 35-spline axles.

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