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CrystaLux G9 Series H7 LUMILEDs LED Conversion Kit G9-H7

CrystaLux G9 Series H7 LUMILEDs LED Conversion Kit
CrystaLux G9 Series H7 LUMILEDs LED Conversion Kit
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  • Greatly Improved Visibility
  • Extended Service Intervals
  • Utilizes Aluminum Sheet Heatsink
  • Over 2000 Raw Lumens Per Light
  • For Vehicles Equipped With H7 Lights

Provides a Focused, Long-Range Light Beam and Uses Unique Aluminum Heat Sink

While 4X4TruckLEDs lineup of CrystaLux LED conversion kits have been extremely impressive, their new G9 Series LUMILEDs conversion are a whole new ballgame. The G9 Series features powerful LUXEON Z ES LEDs perfectly arranged to provide your vehicle of choice with an impressive beam pattern that keeps its cohesion and clarity over extremely long range, which allows this H7 LED conversion kit to take full advantage of aftermarket or OEM headlights that use H7 projector lenses. The CrystaLux G9 LED conversion kit utilizes an aluminum sheet heatsink that offers superior heat dissipation and reliability over an electrically-driven fan while being able to fit into cramped headlight housings with less fitment problems and fuss. The G9 Series Conversion Kit includes the bulbs themselves and LED drivers, and can come with an optional CANBUS anti-flicker resistor, and larger dust cover caps for owners of 2015-2017 F150s with ANZO Projector Headlights.

Over 2000 Raw Lumens per Light with More Effective Focus and Beam Pattern

The CrystaLux LUMILEDs Kit was designed from the ground up to provide an improvement in beam pattern and reliability over the older XHP50 and XHP70 LED conversion kits. The use of an aluminum sheet heat sink means less moving parts and points of failure, and the bendable sheets of aluminum allow you to fit the conversion kit in practically any headlight housing. The heart of the bulb assembly is its LUXEON Z ES diodes, and each bulb assembly features three per side for a total lumen output of 2030 raw lumens. The small size of the LUXEON diodes provide a much more focused beam of light than older LED conversion kits, which allows the H7 projector housing to function at its very best. The bulb assembly has an adjustable design that allows you to rotate it into perfect position inside your headlight to maximize your beam pattern. The drivers of each bulb are extremely compact and don't take up a ton of room in either your engine bay or headlight housing.

CANBUS Resistor: an optional CANBUS resistor harness is available from our drop-down menu above to help eliminate flickering issues and bulb-out warnings on vehicles that feature bulb-out systems.

ANZO High Beam Cap: CrystLux also offers a larger 90mm cap for 2015-2017 F150 equipped with ANZO Projector Headlights. The larger cap provides better fitment for the heat sink and driver inside the ANZO headlight housing.

H7 LED Conversion Kit: this LED conversion kit is only meant for vehicles equipped with factory H7 lights or aftermarket headlights that use H7 bulbs. It will not fit the factory headlights of 2004-2018 F150s or 1999-2018 Super Dutys.

Proper Fin Dispersion: to maximize the cooling and lifespan of your G9 Series LED Kit, it's extremely important to to properly spread out the LED's cooling fins. Please see the following image for examples:

4X4TL G9 Series Fin Dispersion Examples

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