2011-2016 Super Duty Powerstroke FASS Titantium Series Electric Diesel Fuel Heater Kit HK-1001

11-16 Super Duty 6.7L Powerstroke FASS Titantium Opt. Electric Diesel Fuel Heater
11-16 Super Duty 6.7L Powerstroke FASS Titantium Opt. Electric Diesel Fuel Heater
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Prevents Fuel Gelling In Cold Weather

One of the biggest issues with any 6.7L or 6.4L Powerstroke V8 if you live in an area with cold weather is trying to get your truck started when conditions are so extreme that your fuel starts to gel in the tank. To help get you back on the road, our friends at FASS Diesel Fuel Systems have engineered an Electric Fuel Heater Kit that pairs up perfectly with one of their Titanium Series Fuel/Air Separation Systems (sold separately). With 2 available ports that were designed for accepting an electric heater, the Electric Heater Kit simply plugs into your FASS Fuel Pumps so you can start your diesel engine in even the coldest conditions. The end result is improved horsepower, more torque and improved fuel economy all while getting rid of hard starts, rough idles, and surging.

Excellent Quality and Reliability

The Electric Heater Kit is built from high-quality components to ensure dispersion of heat through your FASS pump and filter. The heating element will begin warming once the key is in the on position and will automatically shut off after the proper temperature has been reached. While FASS Fuel Pumps are built to start your diesel engine in the coldest of temperatures, adding a FASS Electic Heater Kit will have you geared up for whatever mother nature throws your way.

FASS Electric Diesel Fuel Heater Kit Features:

  • Disepenses Heat Through FASS Titanium Pump/Filters
  • Aids In Cold Weather Starts
  • Prevents Fuel Gelling
  • Automatic On/Off Heater
  • Fits Titanium FASS Fuel/Water Separator Pumps
  • Complete Installation Kit

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