How to Eliminate Death Wobble on an F250/F350
Is the dreaded "death wobble" shaking your confidence in your 2005+ Ford F250 or F350? In this guide, we uncover the causes behind this notorious issue and introduce a practical solution - the BDS tuned FOX 2.0 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit. Discover how this aftermarket upgrade has won over many of our customers, putting an end to the death wobble all while enhancing overall stability and performance. Whether you're a seasoned truck enthusiast or a new owner, understanding the factors contributing to this problem is the first step toward ensuring a safer and more comfortable ride. Join us on this journey to answer the question that has plagued Super Duty drivers for many years: How to eliminate the death wobble on an F250/F350.

What Causes the Death Wobble on an F250 or F350?

Unfortunately, there is no single reason death wobble occurs on any given F250/F350 Super Duty truck, making it a puzzling challenge for owners to pinpoint the root cause and find an effective solution. Several factors can contribute to the death wobble, and it is often a combination of issues. One of the more common causes for this problem include worn or damaged steering components such as tie rod ends, boll joints, or control arm bushings. When these parts are worn, they may allow excessive play in the front-end which leads to instability down the road. Incorrect wheel alignment or out-of-balance tires, particularly on the front-end, can also resulting handling issues and excess vibrations when you're driving at highway speeds. Some Super Duty owners install aftermarket lift kits or make various modifications to the suspension of their trucks, altering the suspension geometry and contributing to the death wobble if not installed correctly. Finally, the stock steering stabilizer may not provide enough dampening performance during certain driving conditions, greatly reducing stability and control when you're out cruising around town. It's important to note that the death wobble is often results in a combination of these factors rather than a single cause. The good news is that if you can eliminate some of the potential causes on your Super Duty including tire balancing and wheel alignment issues, the solution becomes much more clear.

F250 & F350 4WD BDS Tuned FOX 2.0 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit

The stock steering stabilizer equipped on your 2005-2022 F250 or F350 leaves a lot to be desired in terms of overall performance and control, especially on lifted applications. It struggles to manage the demands placed on the suspension system, leading to a lack of adequate damping performance in various driving conditions. These limitations often contribute to the dreaded death wobble, causing severe and uncontrollable shaking when you're behind the wheel. Fortunately, BDS teamed up with FOX to create the ultimate solution for your tough Super Duty build. Enter the BDS Tuned FOX 2.0 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit. This premium steering stabilizer upgrades takes everything you know and love about FOX's 2.0 Performance Series Shock Absorbers and turns it on its side to enhance stability and control for both on and off-road applications. By upgrading to this dual stabilizer system, your truck will experience improved levels of response and greatly reduced fade over the stock system, allowing you to push your Super Duty to the limits. These benefits contribute to a more controlled feel in every situation, reducing the likelihood of the death wobble and enhancing overall steering performance. But don't just take our word for it, keep reading to see what some of our customers are saying about the BDS FOX 2.0 Steering Stabilizer System.

Product Name Price Key Features
BDS FOX 2.0 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit $575.15
  • Dual FOX 2.0 Stabilizer Shocks
  • Made from 1/4" steel with durable finish
  • Straightforward bolt-on installation
  • Eliminates Likelihood of Death Wobble on Lifted Applications

What F250/F350 Enthusiasts are Saying

Customer testimonials offer genuine insight into the transformative effects of the BDS FOX 2.0 Dual Stabilizer Kit. According to one owner of a 2011 F-250 6.7L who recently purchased a truck with a 6-Inch Lift and FOX shocks, "I discovered a death wobble shortly after purchase. Decided to buy the matching stabilizer kit to see if that would fix the issue, and just like the lift kit, the stabilizer did not disappoint! Fixed the issue entirely and made the wheel a little more stiff to turn, which I am a fan of. 10/10 recommend". Another satisfied customer driving a 2022 F250 Tremor stated: "Super high quality and made a huge difference in the steering!". Similarly, an owner of a 2014 F-250 with a 4-inch lift shares their experience, "Put these on 2014 F-250 with a 4” lift. Before the install, my truck had begun to develop the old death wobble in the steering. After the install, the truck handles like it was brand new. This system is a great addition to any lifted truck." These firsthand accounts highlight the consistent positive impacts of the BDS FOX 2.0 Stabilizer Kit across various model years. For those interested in witnessing the installation process, we've included a helpful video down below. Check out how easy it is to eliminate your Super Duty's death wobble with this simple and effective upgrade.


All in all, the death wobble is notorious for causing distress among owners of 2005+ Ford F250 or F350 trucks. If this unsettling issue has been affecting your driving confidence, there's a reliable solution at your fingertips. The BDS FOX 2.0 Dual Stabilizer Kit addresses one of the root causes of the wobble and provides enhances stability along the way. Backed by real world examples, this aftermarket upgrade stands out as a true game-changer for just about any Super Duty build. Say goodbye to steering issues and welcome a smoother, more controlled driving experience both on and off-road.


Q: Why is the stock steering stabilizer on F250/F350 trucks considered a major downfall?

A: The stock steering stabilizer on F250/F350 trucks is limited in its dampening capabilities, especially in challenging driving conditions. It struggles to effectively control vibrations and oscillations, contributing to the occurrence of the death wobble.

Q: How easy is it to install the BDS Fox 2.0 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit?

A: The BDS Fox 2.0 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit features a straightforward bolt-on installation, making it relatively easy to upgrade your F250/F350 without extensive modifications. For those interested, an installation video is provided in the blog post for a visual guide.

Q: Can the BDS Fox 2.0 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit be used for both on and off-road driving?

A: Yes, the BDS Fox 2.0 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit is designed to enhance stability and control for both on and off-road applications. It is a versatile upgrade that caters to the demands of various driving conditions, providing a more responsive and controlled steering experience.

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