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2011-2014 Mustang GT Kooks Complete Exhaust Bundle Package Bundle6

11-14 Mustang GT Kooks Exhaust Bundle Package
11-14 Mustang GT Kooks Exhaust Bundle Package
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Complete Kooks Exhaust 3" Mustang Exhaust System

Getting the most out of your 5.0L Mustang's exhaust system means eventually replacing all of its factory exhaust hardware with high-performance exhaust components, and there's almost no one better to turn to than our friends over at Kooks Custom Headers. Kooks has come up with this total Mustang exhaust system bundle package that replaces your stock exhaust manifolds, H-pipe, and cat-back system with much more efficient exhaust components that get your awesome 2011 to 2014 5.0L Mustang a whole bunch of extra power and torque, along with an absolutely ferocious exhaust note all in one place. Kooks' Mustang bundle package includes a pair of 1-3/4" long tube headers, a 3" catted X-pipe, and a Kooks 3" cat-back exhaust kit that all work together to eliminate back pressure and restrictions for huge performance gains.

Powerful Set of Kooks Headers with 3" Collector

The system begins with Kook's long tube headers. These headers are manufactured entirely out 304 stainless steel and each have extremely large 1-3/4" mandrel-bent primary tubes. The primaries drop into a 3" collector housing that provides extremely efficient exhaust scavenging for your 5.0L V8's cylinders. The headers are far more efficient than your stock exhaust manifolds and allow exhaust gasses to quickly exit into the mid-pipe with practically no restrictions or back pressure. Kooks includes new gaskets and oxygen sensor extensions to make installation slightly easier.

Features X-Pipe with High-Flow Race Cats

Supporting the headers is one Kooks' catted X-pipes. The X-pipe has 3" mandrel-bent tubing that helps maintain exhaust velocity from the headers all the way to the cat-back kit. The X-pipe has a pair of Kooks' high-flow race cats to replace which generate much less back pressure and restrictions than the stock catalytic converters while reducing some of the rasp and cabin drone that's common with off-road mid-pipes and other aggressive exhaust parts. Kooks' X-pipe has 3" tubing all the way through that mates up perfectly with the long tube headers and cat-back kit included in this bundle package.

Aggressive Cat-Back Kit with 4" Tips

A Kook's cat-back kit is the icing on the cake of this very impressive package. The cat-back uses 3" diameter tubing that's all carefully mandrel-bent for excellent fitment, sound and performance. The kit's 3" diameter tubing gives your Mustang 5.0L a full 3" exhaust system all the way back from the headers' collectors, allowing your Pony to make huge power. The cat-back kit comes complete with a pair of aggressive mufflers that provide the system with a brutal, aggressive roar that will turn heads wherever your go. The system is capped off by a pair of 4" polished exhaust tips that give your Pony's rear an awesome look.
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