Before you Buy: Our Brightest 2015-2023 F150, F250, F350 & Ranger LED 3rd Brake Light Upgrades
In the realm of automotive evolution, few things carry the potential to transform both aesthetics and safety as much as the Third Brake Light. As we navigate the roads in our 2015-2023 Ford F150, 2017-2023 Super Duty, or 2019-2023 Ford Ranger, this often-overlooked component plays a crucial role in conveying our intentions while protecting ourselves and others. Yet, the potential for enhancement in this area often remains untapped. Today, we explore the realm of upgraded third brake lights, shedding light on their significance and the exceptional craftsmanship brought forth by industry innovator, Morimoto.

A Glimpse into Morimoto's Mastery

Enter Morimoto—a beacon of innovation amid the vast landscape of automotive aftermarket manufacturers. Renowned for crafting HID and LED lighting parts of exceptional quality, Morimoto stands as a hidden gem for those seeking to infuse their vehicles with renewed vitality and unparalleled illumination. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Morimoto brings forth a diverse array of components that transcend mere illumination, encapsulating reliability and brilliance in every package.

Morimoto XB3 LED Third Brake Light for F-150/Super Duty/Ranger

Revamping the visual appeal and performance of your 2015-2023 F150, Super Duty or Ranger has never been more accessible, thanks to the innovative Morimoto X3B LED 3rd Brake Light (Without Cargo Camera) and Morimoto X3B LED 3rd Brake Light (With Cargo Camera). Breaking away from the mundane design of stock third brake lights, Morimoto presents a game-changing solution that seamlessly integrates style, enhanced visibility, and improved cargo lighting into a single, hassle-free package. Without a doubt, these third brake lights are the brightest aftermarket option we carry for the Ford Truck platform, illuminating the road with unparalleled intensity while setting a new standard for both style and safety. Equipped with four high-performance LED brake lights and rail-style cargo lights, this upgrade eclipses stock counterparts in terms of output. The result? Dramatically improved bed visibility, allowing you to effortlessly manage your cargo even after nightfall. Additionally, the X3B's smoked lens effortlessly complements any Ford paint color or darker styling themes, seamlessly integrating with your truck's overall look. What sets the Morimoto X3B apart is its tailored configuration for F150s, Super Dutys, and Rangers equipped with or without an OEM cargo camera. Replacing the factory 3rd brake light is a breeze with the provided wiring harness, making the transition to enhanced aesthetics and performance remarkably convenient.

Customer Reviews: What Ford Truck Enthusiasts are Saying

Here at Stage 3, we take pride in bringing our customers some of the best aftermarket upgrades available on the aftermarket, so the reviews we receive mean the world to us. One customer stated, "Nice quality and packaged product. I was really going for looks but got so much more. The amount of light it displays is great. Install is not bad, and fitment is actually better than [the] OEM 3rd brake light. Just another nice addition to my mods." This firsthand experience exemplifies how the Morimoto XB3 LED 3rd Brake Light seamlessly merges style, safety, and ease of installation, making for a premium addition to any F150, Super Duty or Ranger build.

Final Thoughts

It really is the little things the make the biggest difference on our trucks, which is why it's important that components like the 3rd Brake Light don't go unnoticed. Our journey through upgraded third brake lights has spotlighted Morimoto as a visionary, transforming illumination into an art. The Morimoto XB3 LED Third Brake Lights stand as a testament to this prowess, seamlessly fusing style and safety. By illuminating the road ahead and enhancing cargo visibility, these lights set new benchmarks.

Our Brightest 2015-2023 F150, F250, F350 & Ranger Third Brake Lights:

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