2015-2020 Mustang The Drivshaft Shop 800hp Rear Axle Assembly (Passenger's) RA8506X4

15-20 Mustang Drivshaft Shop 800hp Rear Axle Assembly (Passenger's)
15-20 Mustang Drivshaft Shop 800hp Rear Axle Assembly (Passenger's)
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Can Handle Aggressive Launches and Power Applications of up to 800hp

The stock rear halfshafts on your 2015-2020 Mustang do their best to handle the immense power that's easily in reach of your S550 Pony, but after multiple hard launches or aggressive driving at horsepower and torque levels well beyond stock, they can let you down and leave you stuck or worse. The good news is that the Drive Shaft Shop offers up this extremely impressive bolt-on, 800hp rear passenger's side half-shaft for the 2015-2020 Mustang GT, EcoBoost, and V6s so that you can push your Mustang to the edge of its performance envelope without needing to worry about a rear axle failure. Each of these 800hp passenger's side axle assemblies were each engineered to to be incredibly strong all while having a fairly simple, bolt-on fitment to your high-powered 2015-2020 Mustang build. The Driveshaft Shop's rear axle will let you use your Mustang to its full potential and have you tearing down the track or road course without a hitch.

Large and Extremely Strong CVs with Chromoly Steel Cages and Bar

The 800hp Driver's Side replacement rear axle from the Driveshaft Shop features an oversized design and is manufactured using high-quality materials to hold them together during extreme launches on powerful S550 Mustangs. The shaft is based around a pair of 108mm CV joints with billet 300M chromoly steel cages, high-quality races, extremely strong race-quality bearings, and finally fitted with neoprene boots. The central bar is likewise constructed from 300M chromoly steel and has 32 splines for the hub end and 36 splines for the differential end to make the entire assembly a drop-in replacement for the stock halfshaft. The Driveshaft Shop throws in instructions and hardware for installation.

Passenger's Side Only: this is only a single axle shaft for the passenger's side (left hand side) of your Mustang. A driver's side (right hand side) axle is also available.

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