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1997-2012 F150 Diode Dynamics LED Rear Turn Signal Lights (Set of 2) RERTURN-1031-3157F

97-12 F150/Raptor Diode Dynamics LED Rear Turn Signals
97-12 F150/Raptor Diode Dynamics LED Rear Turn Signals
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Upgraded F150 LED Replacement Bulb

Sometimes it's the little details that can make a big difference when customizing your F150 and these Rear Turn Signal LED lights from Diode Dynamics make a great improvement. You'll notice the difference between the weak factory stock incandescent bulbs immediately after installing these technologically advanced F150 Rear Turn Signal LEDs rather than the weak look created by factory bulbs. As compared to the competition, Diode Dynamics' LED lights are built right here in the USA and contain a much higher lumen output. These lights instantly brighten up the area around your rear at night when the turn signals are activated, increasing your safety and adding a much more modern look.

High-Quality Construction

Diode Dynamics uses only the highest quality LED chips in the production of these Rear Turn Signal Lights. Most copycat competitors use economy-grade LED chips in order to reduce costs in their bulbs which greatly reduces the reliability and overall brightness of the bulb when you compare it to Diode Dynamics. Diode Dynamics offers these LEDs in amber or red and gives you different options of brightness levels to choose from as well.

Bulb Options:

  • Using the drop-down menu, select your bulb option that best suits your needs of brightness
  • SMD27 (205 Lumens) - 27 3-chip 5050-size Epistar SMDs arranged in 360 degrees with 6 radial panels of 3 chips, and a forward-facing 6-chip panel.
  • HP11 (310 Lumens) - 4 side-firing 1.5W-rated Osram LED chips, and one 5W-rated CREE LED chip on top, projected by a lens for maximum effective brightness.
  • XP80 (510 Lumens) - Each of the 4 sides of this bulb contains 3 5W-rated CREE chips, and the top is fitted with 4 more under a projector lens. This is the brightest self-contained automotive LED bulb on the market, and is housed in an aluminum casing with a textured finish for maximum heatsinking properties.

Universal Hyperblink Fix Option: If you've ever experienced the "hyperblink" issue associated with an LED-powered turn signal, you know it can be quite annoying. Basically, your truck's on-board computer thinks that the bulb is out and warns you by hyperblinking. This is a universal issue associated with LEDs used in turn signals due to the fact they draw a significantly lower amount of power than factory-installed incandescent bulbs. Diode Dynamics offers a solution for this issue using a set of 6 ohm resistors and connectors that to slow down the fast-blinking caused by LEDs. Using the drop-down menu above, you can add this option on for an additional $10. Check out the video below for more information as well as installation steps.

Fitment: 1997-2012 Ford F150.

Warranty: Diode Dynamics backs each of their LED bulbs with an industry-leading 3-Year Warranty.

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