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2014-2018 Tundra EBC Brakes Stage 2 Sport Brake Kit (Front) S2KF1842

14-18 Tundra EBC Brakes Stage 2 Sport Brake Kit (Front)
14-18 Tundra EBC Brakes Stage 2 Sport Brake Kit (Front)
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California Prop. 65 Warning
  • Set of front brake pads
  • Improves bite and fade with lower amount of dust
  • Low levels of wear and easy on rotors
  • Specialized organic friction compound
  • More consistant braking and stopping power
  • Includes a pair of slotted front brake rotors
  • Features a unique slotted design that preserves surface area
  • Design allows outgassing and clearing of debris
  • Includes a corrosion-resistant thermic black coating
  • Simple replacement for stock rotors
  • Includes installation instructions

Increased Braking Performance with Low Dust and Wear

The factory brake pads on your Tundra get the job done, but that's about all you can say about them. The stock pads are made from a semi-metallic compound that generates tons of dust and can barely handle the high heat caused by heavy towing or aggressive street driving. Luckily, EBC's Greenstuff 6000 Series provides an all-around improvement in braking performance for your 2014-2018 Tundra. The EBC Greenstuff pads provide balanced braking performance with a more substantial bite, less fade, and less dust than your factory brake pads while still being easier on your truck's rotors. The Greenstuff pads drop right into place of your factory brake pads and are compatible with your stock calipers and rotors.

Organic Friction Compound and Drop-In Replacement for Stock Pads

The EBC Greenstuff 6000 pads are made from a unique friction compound giving your Tundra an increase in braking performance without wrecking your truck's rotors. Each pad is made of an organic compound that offers improved stopping power than OE-style semi-metallic pads, making the Greenstuff 6000 pads the perfect, entry-level upgrade. Despite the improved braking performance and pedal feel over the stock pads, the EBC pads manage to be easy on your rotors, maximizing the lifespan of your Tundra's brake rotors of choice. The Greenstuff pads install in place of the stock pads and are 100% compatible with your Tundra's factory calipers and stock rotors or drop-in replacement rotors.

Improved Braking Performance and Consistency

The 2014-2018 Tundras are capable of pulling heavy loads and tackling the harshest off-road terrain. However, the stock brake rotors on the truck aren't always capable of bringing your Tundra to a fast, consistent stop. EBC's USR Series Slotted Rotors provide improved stopping performance thanks to heavy-duty construction and a unique slotted surface that clears away brake dust and gasses, so your pads of choice have consistent contact with your rotors even during extreme, consistent braking. The rotors are perfect for any Tundra that has experienced warping of the stock rotors during heavy braking and needs rotors that won't let you down in extreme applications. These EBC rotors easily replace your stock rotors without modifications and are compatible with your stock calipers and brake pads.

Slotted Surface and Black Thermic Finish

The EBC USR Series Rotors are designed to provide excellent braking performance and reliability for your aggressive Tundra build. Each rotor is made of premium grey iron that's strong enough to handle any application you can throw at them. The rotors each feature a specialized slot design on their surface that allows for the outgassing of dust and debris away from the rotor's working surface, so the pad gets much more consistent contact during heavy braking actions. The slots were carefully designed to provide these benefits without losing too much rotor surface area. The rotors come standard with a Black Thermic coating, which protects the rotors from corrosion during transit and the hub surface and outer vanes after installation and usage. EBC includes the necessary installation instructions to make the replacement of your stock rotors quick and easy.

Fitment: 2014-2018 Toyota Tundra

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Ships from manufacturer. Out of stock. No ETA. Free Shipping!
Ships from manufacturer. Out of stock. No ETA. Free Shipping!
Ships from manufacturer. Out of stock. No ETA. Free Shipping!

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