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2010-2014 Expedition EL 5.4L S3M Performance Package (Extended Length) S3M-EPXYELPACK

10-14 Expedition EL 5.4L S3M Performance Package (Extended Length)
10-14 Expedition EL 5.4L S3M Performance Package (Extended Length)
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Complete Bolt-On Performance Overhaul for your 5.4L Expedition EL

What's better than getting some big horsepower and torque gains for your 5.4L Expedition EL? Getting all the parts and tuning you need to do it all in one place at a killer price, of course! Our very own 2010-2014 Expedition EL 5.4L Performance Package combines some of the best performance parts and aggressive tuning currently on the market for the Triton-Powered Expeditions so that your big SUV feels like a whole new vehicle all in one place. This awesome package comes with a K&N Cold Air Intake Kit, a Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust Kit, and an SCT X4 tuner with SCT's preloaded performance tunes. The combination of parts and tuning gives your Expedition a noticeable bump in power and performance, along with an aggressive sound that is sure to catch attention wherever you go. All of the parts included in our Expedition Performance Package are easy to install, giving you and your Expedition hassle-free performance gains.

Highly Efficient K&N Intake for Improved Power and Performance

The K&N Cold Air Intake in this kit was designed from the ground up to drop right into place of your Expedition's factory intake system and provide an all-around bump in efficiency. K&N's intake is built around of their high-flow, conical air filters with an oiled filtration media that's more effective at capturing particulates than stock, while also out flowing factory-style paper filters by a huge margin. The filter brings in its larger volume of cooler charge air into a complete inlet tube assembly that leads all the way from the air filter to your Expedition's throttle body to maximize air volume and velocity all the way to your truck's motor. The filter is protected by a complete heat shield assembly that installs onto the lower half of your factory air box and helps reduce heat soak.

Deep, Throaty Exhaust Sound without a Ton of Drone

Magnaflow has a legendary reputation for fitment, quality, and sound and their cat-back exhaust kit for the 2010-2014 5.4L Expeditions drops right into place of your Expedition's factory cat-back kit and adds a deep, throaty sound when you're punching the throttle, all without causing a ton of drone at idle. The Magnaflow Expedition cat-back exhaust kit features a new muffler, tubing, and tip all made out of 409 stainless steel that can resist corrosion in most climates. The system is made up of 3" diameter tubing to help improve exhaust flow and to help give the system a deeper sound. The muffler included in each cat-back was finely-tuned by Magnaflow to give your big Expedition the aggressive and throaty V8 sound that it deserves. Each system is topped off with with a 4" polished tip that adds a great a look to your Expedition on top of the great sound.

Powerful Performance Tunes and Tuning Device from SCT

Topping off this awesome package is an SCT X4 Tuner that's preloaded with SCT's own performance tunes. The device is easy to use and operate, and allows you to upload your performance tune of choice to your Expedition's ECU in only a matter of minutes. The performance tunes on the device change key parameters of your 5.4L V8's engine management software, allowing it to make more horsepower, more torque, and get improved throttle response and shifting all without the need for "hard" bolt-on performance parts at all. SCT includes several different tunes for various octane levels, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to your Expedition's performance. On top of its tuning capabilities, the SCT X4 can read and clear DTC codes, adjust for tire size, and datalog your Expedition's engine running information, making it a handy tool to keep around for all occasions. You can also upgrade to either a Bully Dog BDX Handheld Tuner or an SCT Livewire TS+ Tuner and Monitor if you want improved functionality or vehicle monitoring ability, respectively.

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