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2014-2018 Tundra EBC Brakes Stage 5 Super Street Brake Kit (Rear) S5KR1280

14-18 Tundra EBC Brakes Stage 5 Super Street Brake Kit (Rear)
14-18 Tundra EBC Brakes Stage 5 Super Street Brake Kit (Rear)
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  • Improved fade-resistance and exceptional stopping power
  • Features heat-resistant aramid fiber compound
  • Unique hooked backing plate
  • Lower wear and dust than stock
  • Specifically designed for trucks and SUVs
  • Increases in overall braking performance
  • Unique dimpled and slotted surface
  • Dimples provide cleaning and degassing for consistent braking
  • Slots provide cooling and fade reduction
  • Corrosion-resistant Black Thermic finish
  • Direct replacement of stock pads and rotors
  • Includes installation instructions

Heavy-Duty Stopping Power and Fade Resistance

If you regularly use your Tundra for heavy towing or find that your stock brake pads can't handle the strain of tearing around on or off-road, it's time to upgrade your brake pads. Bring your powerful tow rig or off-road build to a fast, safe stop with the EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Truck Series Rear Brake Pads. EBC designed these pads specifically for truck and SUV applications, and the pads are the perfect choice for Tundra that need more bite than EBC's lower-tier Greenstuffs, much less the factory brake pads. The EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Truck Series Rear Brake Pads offer up more stopping power than typical OE semi-metallic pads. They feature a heat-resistant compound, so your Tundra suffers less fade and performance drop-off during aggressive and sustained braking action. This brake pad set replaces your Tundra's stock brake pads and is compatible with both your stock calipers and rotors.

Heat-Resistant Aramid Fiber Compound with Unique Backing Plate

The EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Truck Series Rear Brake Pads feature a heat-resistant braking compound that offers more bite and less fade than other pads. Each pad utilizes an aramid fiber compound with an extremely high heat threshold, making the Yellowstuff pads nearly impervious to fade. The aramid compound is more aggressive than basic semi-metallic or ceramic pads, giving your Tundra the stopping power required for towing, hauling, or mounting big tires for off-road adventures. The aramid fiber compound is slightly harder on your rotors than EBC's Greenstuff pads, though they still prevent excessive levels of wear or dust. The pads are held to the carefully machined backing plate using a unique NRS hook system that creates an incredibly strong bond with the friction material, providing added durability for your Yellowstuff pads. These pads easily replace your Tundra's stock pads and are compatible with your factory rotors, any stock-replacement rotor, and your factory calipers.

Consistant Braking and Improved Cooling

The stock brake rotors on your 2014-2018 Tundra are acceptable during everyday street driving, but as soon as you start pushing your truck hard going off-road or towing and hauling heavy, they tend to heat up, leading to poor braking performance and warping. The EBC Brakes GD Series Slotted & Dimpled Rear Rotors are designed to overcome the shortcomings of the stock rotors, providing improved braking performance in all areas. The slotted and dimpled surface offers cleaning and degassing of the rotor's contact surface and improved heat dissipation during extreme applications. The rotors feature a corrosion-resistant finish that increases the rotor's lifespan and gives them a sleek appearance. The GD Series rotors are a quick and easy replacement of your stock rotors and reuse the factory brake pads and calipers. After installing the rotors, you will see immediate improvements in braking performance.

Cast Iron Rotors with Black Thermic Finish

Each of the GD Series rotors is built from high-quality materials and precisely machined to offer exceptional performance and a perfect fit for your Tundra. The rotors are made from heavy-duty G3000 inro and are cast at EBC's facilities. Each rotor is carefully machined with the slotted and dimpled pattern, allowing degassing during heavy braking and heat dissipation for improved operation and performance over the stock rotors. The rotors feature EBC's Thermic Black corrosion-resistant coating, which keeps the rotors corrosion-free and operational. EBC includes the necessary installation instructions.

Fitment:2014-2018 Toyota Tundra

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