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2003-2004 SVT Cobra Whipple 2.3L & 3.4L Supercharger Pulleys SCP-COB-8

**DISCONTINUED**03-04 SVT Cobra Whipple 2.3L & 3.4L Supercharger Pulleys
**DISCONTINUED**03-04 SVT Cobra Whipple 2.3L & 3.4L Supercharger Pulleys
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Easy, Simple Way to Make Huge Power

Whipple's 2.3L and 3.4L superchargers for the 2003 to 2004 SVT Cobras come from Whipple ready to throw down amazing amounts of horsepower and torque. Still, those baseline (though incredible) power figures may not be enough for some. That's where this Whipple supercharger pulley comes in. Available in several different size options, this supercharger pulley allows you to add even more power or even tone down your blower to keep your Cobra more manageable. Whatever your choice, Whipple's supercharger pulleys allow you to dial in your supercharger system to meet your specific needs or applications.

Several Pulley Sizes Available

To add power to your Whipple supercharger, all you need to do is grab a smaller pulley. Smaller pulleys force the rotors of your Whipple head unit to spin faster, generating greater boost pressure and making your engine produce more horsepower and torque. Larger pulleys have the opposite effect. Your choice of pulley bolts right on in place of your Whipple's standard supercharger pulley and your average pulley swap can be accomplished in roughly half an hour.

Pulley Notes: switching pulleys may require using a different length supercharger belt and may require custom tuning on a chassis dyno for proper function and to avoid engine damage.

For Whipple Superchargers Only: these pulleys will only fit Whipple 2.3L and 3.4L Whipple head units and will not fit your Cobra's factory Eaton.

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