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2010-2014 SVT Raptor ADD Stage 3 Front Suspension System U01944NA03

10-14 SVT Raptor ADD Stage 3 Front Suspension Kit
10-14 SVT Raptor ADD Stage 3 Front Suspension Kit
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Complete Upgrade Package for Your Raptor's Front End

Your SVT Raptor is a potent off-road machine, but to really make it fly over the harshest terrain on the planet, you're going to need a front suspension system that can handle anything and maintain flawless performance without fade or any signs of giving into the wilderness. Addictive Desert Design's Stage 3 Front Suspension provides you with everything your truck need to transform into the next best thing to a complete trophy truck. This total front suspension overhaul includes everything your 2010 to 2014 SVT Raptor needs to get improved performance and make p forms some of the weaknesses of the factory system. The ADD Stage 3 kit includes ADD uniball upper control arms, ADD performance tie rods, a choice of either King or Fox coilover shocks, racing-style delrin bushings, and all the hardware you need to get them installed.

Choice of Either Fox or King Front Coilovers

ADD built and tested this kit around both Fox and King coilovers to try and create a suspension system that can fit a variety of different applications and high-performance setups. Both the King and Fox coilovers give your truck a huge increase in front suspension performance by improving articulation and response while drastically reducing fade thanks to their remotely-mounted reservoirs. Both coilover sets feature large-diameter shock bodies wrapped with a perfectly-tuned coilover spring. The Fox and King coilovers install right in place of your truck's stock front shocks and springs, making them a hassle-free and extremely powerful front suspension upgrade. Both coilover kits can be adjusted for ride height, lifting the front of your Raptor up just enough to get on some larger wheel and tire combinations for extra ground clearance. Please select your choice of coilover from the drop-down menu above.

Includes High-Quality, High-Strength Uniball UCAs

To really optimize your Raptor's front suspension performance, ADD throws in a set of their high-quality uniball upper control arms to get your truck some extra wheel travel and articulation distance over stock. Your truck's factory upper control arms use a standard ball joint that eventually binds when deflection reaches beyond a certain point in your wheel's travel. ADD's control arms feature a high-quality 1" uniball that allows for a much greater range of wheel travel so your truck's front tires remain in contact with the ground while letting your choice of Fox or King coilovers perform at their absolute best. Each o these ADD upper control arms are made out of heavy-duty boxed steel with a black powder coat finish that gives them greater strength on top of improved off-road performance over stock.

Strong Heim Joint Tie Rods to Improve Steering

When you put larger, heavier tires and start to horse around off road, your Raptor's factory tie rods start to feel the strain and wear excessively, prematurely fail, and possibly cause damage to the rest of your steering rack. ADD's tie rod kit uses large 7/8" heim joints and feature a much stronger design than stock so that you never need to worry about pushing your Raptor to its absolute limits when you head off-road. These tie rods can even be upgraded to even stronger ADD Heavy Duty Billet Aluminum tie rods for even better performance and steering assurance. Please select your tie rod options from the drop-down menu above.

Delrin Bushings to Resist Deflection

The icing on the cake of this front suspension system is the full set of Delrin bushings to replace your truck's factory rubber bushings. Delrin has all the strength, durability, and stiffness of a metal spherical bushing with slightly more "give" and absorption for a smoother ride than metal bushings. Delrin bushings give your Raptor trophy truck style off-road performance without totally ruining your ride. While more harsh than stock or polyurethane bushings, Delrin is one of the best ways to get better performance on an off-road ready Raptor.

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