In recent months, it hasn't been the easiest for 2022 Tundra owners looking to upgrade and modify their trucks into formidable off-road machines. New trucks, especially a new generation of trucks, make it difficult for manufacturers to pump out aftermarket accessories because of the time it takes to ensure a perfect fitment and fucntion for each application. Most notably, Spacer Leveling Kits take even longer to hit the shelves compared to some other upgrades as the last thing you want to have to deal with is suspension issues when you're out on the trails. Luckily for you, we only work with trusted and reliable brands to bring you and your rig improved off-road performance and a whole new stance in a single and affordable package. In this article, we've picked out the 4 best 2022 Tundra Spacer Leveling Kits we currently offer to deliver the desired performance and utility you need for every adventure!

2022 Tundra SuperLift 2" Spacer Leveling Kit

Spacer leveling kits are one of the most common upgrades for pickup owners to make, especially in the Toyota category. Toyota trucks commonly come standard with a factory nose down appearance or "front rake" which creates a look that leaves a lot to be desired. While this can certainly be beneficial for any towing or hauling applications, front-end sag will never be the most attractive look for your Tundra. Additionally, spacer kits typically deliver an increase in both front and rear ride height to not only level out your truck's stance, but give it improved ground clearance along the way. There's nothing better than leveling out your truck and getting some new ride height with it, and SuperLift knows exactly how to do it. SuperLift has been designing and manufacturing lift kits and suspension systems for nearly 50 years now, delivering some of the most innovative products for your particular truck. Stay ahead of the times and continue reading to see how SuperLift can benefit your daily driving and off-road applications.

You won't find the affordability and effectiveness of the 2022 Tundra SuperLift 2" Spacer Leveling Kit anywhere else on the market. This premium spacer leveling kit was engineered for the off-road enthusiast on a budget looking to improve their truck's ride height and stance without compromise. This kit utilizes 2" strut spacers that install in conjunction with your truck's factory suspension components, giving you enough clearance to tackle challenging and more demanding off-road trails. Moreover, this kit permits you to slap on up to 35" tires which will help set your truck apart from the rest of the pack. The 2" gained up front won't require any rear blocks or spacers to help level out your truck, so the installation process won't be a hassle for anybody with basic to moderate level mechanical skills. Your new ride height will also allow you to take advantage of the improved range of visibility that comes with lifting your truck, ensuring you won't miss a beat when you're behind the wheel. We recommend this kit if you're looking to save a bit of cash for any future modifications like larger tires and wheels or even brand-new front and rear shocks. Start adventuring like a pro with the 2022 Tundra SuperLfit 2" Spacer Leveling Kit today!

2022 Tundra SuperLift 2" Spacer Leveling Kit Features:
  • Levels your truck front to rear
  • Maintains factory ride quality & control
  • Accomodates up to 35" tires
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • No strut disassembly required
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

2022 Tundra Rough Country 1.75" Spacer Leveling Kit

Rough Country is yet another brand that we work with to provide you with premium aftermarket accessories at a fair price point. Whether you're looking to run larger tires, give your Tundra a more aggressive look, or achieve outstanding performance on the trails, Rough Country has the right kit for you. If you've never experienced what it's like to rock a Rough Country suspension system on one of your vehicles, you're certainly missing out. With years of experience and manufacturing under their belt, Rough Country has become a household name for many off-road enthusiasts alike, putting their trust into a brand they know will deliver. They also ensure you'll get the most out of each purchase as every single product is backed by their Limited Lifetime Warranty to help keep your investment protected. Don't get left it the dust, and instead let Rough Country put you in control for every adventure and excursion you have in mind.

The system in question is the 2022 Tundra Rough Country 1.75" Spacer Leveling Kit. Constructed using only high-quality and premium materials, these strut spacers will withstand even the harshest driving conditions as they exhibit superior strength for long-lasting functionality. The spacers in this kit were also laser cut for a precise fitment on your truck which avoids the headache of strut disassembly or modifications to the differential height, leaving you with a lightning-fast installation process you can complete at home. With this particular kit installed, you'll retain your Tundra's factory ride quality, comfort and control when driving on city streets, keeping your everyday driving applications smooth and hassle free. Furthermore, this kit offers up 1.75" of front ride height to give your truck a perfectly level stance that will be sure to make some of your off-road buddies jealous. Since there's a ton of similarity between this kit and the previously mentioned SuperLift Kit, it'll all come down to whether you desire an extra quarter inch of ride height up front or not. There won't be a much of a difference to the naked eye but leaving a touch of rake will help out with any towing applications to help prevent rear-end sag.

2022 Tundra Rough Country 1.75" Spacer Leveling Kit Features:
  • Maintains factory ride quality & control
  • Corrects rake for a leveled stance
  • No modifications required
  • Easy bolt-on installation process
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

2022 Tundra ICON 2.25" Front Spacer Leveling Kit

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is all things suspensions, and they're here to deliver some of the best suspension components for your truck thanks to their world-class manufacturing processes and techniques. ICON tends to focus on the little things with each one of their suspension packages to ensure your truck will be running the way you need it to. Each kit is carefully crafted to the exact specifications of your particular truck, ensuring not a single stone goes unturned during the design or manufacturing process of the package. The ICON Spacer Leveling Kits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all ICON has to offer, so consider checking out our blog on their entire lineup up Staged Suspension Systems to give your truck impressive off-road performance in every situation.

For this article, we'll be sticking to the 2022 Tundra ICON 2.25" Front Spacer Leveling Kit and checking out how it can improve your everyday driving and overland expeditions. For just a few more dollars than the Rough Country and SuperLift Kits, you can get the premium design and construction that comes with owning an ICON Vehicle Dynamics suspension system along with some additional ride height. This kit features a vehicle-specific design and comes equipped with all the necessary hardware and instructions to make the installation process a breeze, getting you back out on the trails quicker than ever. One of the unique features of this kit is the included bump stop spacer kit that helps prevent your truck from bottoming out on tough trails and terrain. This kit was also designed to keep the ball joints and tie rods from binding, making it ready for just about anything you throw at it. Additionally, each one of the components used in this kit underwent premium construction processes and paired with a black powder-coat finish to help combat the damaging effects of rust and corrosion. This gives the entire package superior longevity for the thousands of miles you plan on putting on your soon-to-be overland machine.

2022 Tundra ICON 2.25" Front Spacer Leveling Kit Features:
  • Provides 2.25" of front ride height
  • Included Bump Stop Spacer kit
  • Does not require disassembly of shock
  • Prevents binding of tie rods and ball joints
  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

2022 Tundra ReadyLift 3" SST Lift Kit

Founded in 2006, ReadyLift Suspensions focused on developing a line of cost-effective yet innovative suspension products to grant you the ability to level your vehicle in order to install oversized tire/wheel combinations. ReadyLift means business, and they're here to prove they've earned a sport alongside of some of the best brands in the industry to provide your 2022 Tundra with some of the most reliable suspension performance on the aftermarket. All of ReadyLift's products are built to either meet or exceed OEM standards, giving you the confidence you need to tackle just about anything that stands in your way. Instead of accepting that your truck might not be up to par with some of the other adventure vehicles on the market, outfit your truck with a ReadyLift system to start tackling trails like the pros.

The 2022 Tundra ReadyLift 3" SST Lift Kit takes things to another level with the inclusion of OEM style rear blocks and strong tubular upper control arms. This kit provides your Tundra with 3" of front lift and 1.25" of rear lift to boost your truck higher off the ground while still maintaining a leveled off-road stance. The tubular upper control arms with heavy-duty ball joints were included to ensure suspension geometry is corrected for each application you have in mind. Theses UCAs will also help eliminate the suspension stresses that come with taller and more aggressive ride heights, delivering long-lasting functionality for your truck. The front lift is achieved with the help of strut spacers while OEM-like rear blocks dial in the height of your Tundra's rear suspension, giving your Tundra a clean, level look wherever you adventure to next. Both the strut spacers and rear blocks were fabricated from high-strength steel for maximum strength while the UCAs were crafted with ball joint pivot angles, providing exceptional suspension travel on every terrain. When it comes to installation, the entire process is bolt-on, so there won't be any required cutting, drilling, or permanent modifications. Start transforming your truck today by picking up the ReadyLift 3" SST Lift Kit for your 2022 Tundra.

2022 Tundra ReadyLift 3" SST Lift Kit Features:
  • Provides 3" Front Lift/1.25" Rear Lift
  • Accommodates for up to 35" tires
  • Includes OEM style rear blocks
  • Includes strong tubular steel control arms
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Backed by a "No Hassle" Warranty

Final Thoughts

Each one of these Spacer Leveling kits is a great place to start modifying and upgrading your 2022 Tundra in search for the best suspension system for your intended applications. While the ReadyLift kit certainly offers the most tools in its package, none of these kits are arguably better than the other. The first three kits mentioned are perfect for those looking to make some of these upgrades on a budget, and it all comes down to your desired lift height. If you're looking to give your truck a complete suspension overhaul, you can check out our lineup of 2022 Tundra Lift Kits to give your truck improved on and off-road performance for any situation. If you liked anything you saw in this post, or have any questions at all, please feel free to let us know in the comments down below!

Top 4 2022 Tundra Spacer Leveling Kits:

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