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2010-2014 SVT Raptor ADD Lower Control Arms U01660NA10

10-14 SVT Raptor ADD Lower Control Arms
10-14 SVT Raptor ADD Lower Control Arms
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Much Stronger than Stock With Improved Travel and Performance

Despite their off-road pedigree, the tough 2010 to 2014 SVT Raptors do have a few weak points when it comes to their suspension, especially with how their owners tend to throw them around. One of those weak points is their lower control arms. The cast lower control arms aren't strong enough for extreme applications and don't offer the travel needed for extremely tough terrain. That's why our friends and cross-town neighbors over at Addictive Desert Designs design and manufacture their very own SVT Raptor Lower Control Arms to go along with the rest of their awesome, high-quality, and extremely powerful Raptor performance suspension upgrades. ADD's Raptor Lower Control Arms are made from boxed steel and feature a race-inspired design with high-quality bushings that help improve performance and reduce deflection both on and off the road.

High-Strength and Extremely Thick Boxed Steel Construction

ADD's SVT Raptor lower control arms are built from the ground up to bolt on right in place of your SVT Raptor's stock lower control arms and accept all of your Raptor's other suspension modifications while allowing them to function to their full potential. The each of these ADD lower control arms are manufactured out of 3/16" thick steel plates that are hand-welded together by ADD's expert welders. The control arms come standard with high-quality bushings for its frame mounts that resist deflection even under the most extreme applications while allowing for slightly more travel than stock. ADD's lower control arms come standard with stainless steel spacers and a gray powder coat finish to withstand corrosion.

Requires sway bar delete: these LCAs do not come with a provision for the stock end links and will require you to delete your Raptor's front sway bar.

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