2010-2014 SVT Raptor ADD Stage 2 Rear Suspension System U01928NA03

10-14 SVT Raptor ADD Stage 2 Rear Suspension Kit
10-14 SVT Raptor ADD Stage 2 Rear Suspension Kit
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Total Rear Suspension Performance Package

Even though your Raptor's front suspension does most of your Raptor's work, leaving your Raptor's rear suspension untouched can limit your truck's off-road performance or hurt your truck in the long run. ADD's Stage 2 Rear Suspension System is a complete overhaul of your truck's rear end and replaces everything that could potentially hold you back in high-performance off-road applications. This complete system gives your truck improved articulation, better response, less fade, and much greater rear frame rigidity and protection so that your 2010 to 2014 SVT Raptor can rocket across the toughest terrain without a single hiccup. ADD's Stage 2 kit comes with your choice of either FOX rear 3.0 bypass shocks with piggy back reservoirs, Deaver +2 leaf springs, 2.5" bump stops, a complete rear frame gusset kit, and high-quality grade 8 hardware. This total replacement package for your truck's rear suspension gives you and your Raptor everything you need to dominate the trails and wilderness.

Aggressive Triple-Bypass Shocks with Piggy Back Reservoirs

The key components of ADD's Stage 2 Raptor Rear Suspension system's key components are the rear shocks, and ADD gives you a choice between either FOX 3.0 Triple Bypass Piggy Back Reservoir Rear Shocks. These shocks provide your Raptor with a huge gain in rear suspension performance by improving response, compression, wheel travel, and heat dissipation to keep your Raptor's rear suspension working at it's best for your aggressive off-road application. The FOX rear shocks feature three bypass tubes and are each adjustable to let you dial in just the right amount of rebound and compression you need for your particular application. The piggy back reservoirs, combined with the large diameter of each shock body, provide improved oil cooling which greatly reduces fade under heavy and sustained articulation. These shocks are perfect for anyone wanting to push their Raptor to its absolute limits.

Progressive and Performance-Built Deaver Spring

Providing some extra articulation and wheel travel is Deaver's +2 leaf springs. This complete performance leaf spring pack comes with more springs made out of a thinner material than stock that allows the leaf stack to be more flexible as a whole to give your extra off-road performance without compromising a smooth on-road ride. Deaver's SVT Raptor leaf springs come with diamond-cut leaf ends to prevent shearing and feature anti-friction pads between each spring that keep noise down over other aftermarket Raptor leaf springs. Deaver's kit comes standard with military wrapped spring eyes and OEM-style bushings for improved durability and function.

Complete ADD Rear Frame Gusset Kit

While the front end of your Raptor's frame is extremely strong and rigid, the rear frame and bed just aren't up to snuff when it comes to extreme high-performance driving. The rear frame and bed shift and flex under heavy and uneven articulation which can lead to tweaked frames from hard impacts or beatings sustained over time. That's why ADD developed this complete frame gusset kit to shore up your Raptor's rear frame rigidity and prevent flex during performance, high-speed off-road driving. The gusset system is manufactured out of .120" thick steel and comes with a black powder coat finish for a great look and to protect against corrosion. The gusset kit bolts onto your truck and doesn't require welding or other permanent modifications.

Features 2.5" Bump Stops for Improved Frame Protection

The final piece of ADD's Stage 2 Rear Suspension system keeps your frame rails eve better protected by replacing your stock foam bump stops with something a bit better. ADD provides a 2.5" hydraulic bump stop kit for each of their Stage 2 systems which can take the punches that your stock bump stop just can't manage. During hard impacts, your OE bump stop can deform enough to allow for metal-on-metal contact with your truck's frame. These hydraulic bump stops can absorb much harder impacts than stock and keep your frame from coming into contact with your truck's leaf springs or other components. The bump stops bolt right to your frame and have a high quality shock built into the unit to get it up and running right out of the box.

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