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2011-2014 F150 5.0L VMP 2.65L Odin Complete Supercharger System VMP-SK1114FODIN

11-14 F150 5.0L VMP 2.65L Odin Supercharger System
11-14 F150 5.0L VMP 2.65L Odin Supercharger System
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F150 5.0L VMP Supercharger Features:
  • Generates awesome levels of horsepower and torque
  • Complete VMP Supercharger System
  • Features unique top-mount intercooler design
  • Provides up to 11-12psi of boost pressure
  • Comes with fuel, air, tuning, and cooling upgrades
  • Installation hardware and instructions included
  • Comes backed by a 1-year limited warranty
  • Tuning requires SCT device

Provides Massive Amount of Power and Low-End Torque for your F150 5.0L V8

The Coyote V8 under the hood of your F150 is always ready for more power, and one of the most effective ways of giving your awesome F150 build a boatload of horsepower is with a supercharger system from VMP. The VMP 2.65L Odin Supercharger Kit for 2011-2014 F150 5.0Ls is capable of providing huge amounts of horsepower and torque for your F150's motor. The VMP Odin Supercharger features a roots-style, positive-displacement design with highly-efficient internals that deliver a ton of low-end torque to your F150 build, giving it the off-the-line performance you need for the drag strip, towing, and aggressive off-road applications. The Odin is a complete F150 supercharger system and comes with fuel system upgrades, dual throttle body, a triple-pass heat exchanger with electric fans, installation hardware, and VMP tuning so that you can get the system up and running on your F150 in nearly no time at all.

Powerful and Efficient Head Unit with Cast Lower Manifold with Integrated Charge Air Cooler

The VMP F150 Odin Supercharger kit is built around an extremely efficient head unit that pushes a huge amount of pressurized air into your F150s cylinders to greatly increase power and torque output. The head unit itself has a displacement of 2.65L and features a roots-style, positive displacement design that sits on top of your F150's Coyote V8 for maximum power potential. The head unit utilizes Eaton TVS rotors that efficiently and effectively bring in air before pushing it all into your motor. Each head unit features a unique case design with top-mounted intercoolers, blow-up airflow, and integrated manifold runners that keep the entire unit extremely compact without hurting efficiency. VMP includes a 3.5" pulley for the supercharge that delivers 11-12psi of peak boost pressure using good fuel and VMP's tuning.

Includes 56lb Fuel Injectors, Billet Fuel Rails, Throttle Body, Intake System, Heat Exchanger, and Hardware

The Odin system comes with everything you need to get the supercharger up and running on your F150 build. Each kit includes fuel system upgrades in the form of 56lb/hr Ford Racing injectors, VMP billet fuel rails, and a plug-and-play fuel pump booster that keep your motor fed with enough fuel to handle the increased airflow generated by the head unit. To provide airflow into the supercharger, VMP adds in a dual 69mm throttle body and a complete 120mm intake system with a large-diameter air filter so that the head unit is never starved for air. To help keep temperatures under control, VMP includes a front-mounted, all-aluminum, and triple-pass heat exchanger that's fitted with dual electric fans effectively dispatches heat from the coolant circulating through the lower intake manifold. VMP includes a custom tune that's compatible with SCT devices. If you don't already own an SCT device, please select from our drop-down menu above. VMP backs their supercharger with a 1-year limited warranty and 1 year of tuning support.

Fitment: 2011-2014 F150 5.0L

VMP Tune Form: in order to receive your VMP Tune, please fill out VMP's Online Tune Form with your F150's requisite information.

Tuning requires SCT device: VMP's tuning requires an SCT device. If you don't currently own an SCT tuning device, please select VMP's X4 from our drop-down menu above.

2014 F150s require 6-rib pulleys: the 2014 F150s used 4-rib A/C pulley and balancer. This system requires a 6-rib pulley system. If you have a 2014 F150, please select the 6-rib pulleys from our drop-down menu above.

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Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 4-6 Weeks Free Shipping!
Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 4-6 Weeks Free Shipping!
Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 4-6 Weeks Free Shipping!
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