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2005-2010 Mustang GT Whipple W140AX 500hp Supercharger Kit (Polished) WK-2007

05-10 Mustang GT Whipple W140AX 500hp Supercharger Kit (Polished)
05-10 Mustang GT Whipple W140AX 500hp Supercharger Kit (Polished)
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Huge Power Gains with Awesome Whipple Supercharger

Getting your 2005 to 2010 Mustang GT's 3V 4.6L to keep up with some of the newest and most powerful cars on the street or the track requires some serious hardware, and if you want all that power all in one place, then a Whipple supercharger system is the way. This complete supercharger system can give your Mustang up to 500 horsepower and 475lb-ft of torque at the crankshaft when using 93+ octane fuel, giving your aggressive Pony all the power it needs to dominate just abut any of its competition. The Whipple W140AX 2.3L twin-screw supercharger system features a powerful and efficient head unit backed up by a ton of other high-quality performance parts, hardware, and tuning that gets your Mustang immense levels of power while keeping its engine operating within a safe margin. Each Whipple Mustang supercharger system features intake system upgrades, new fueling components, an intake manifold, intercooler and heat exchanger system, Whipple PCM tuning, and other gear that makes this Mustang supercharger kit one of the best that you can find for your Pony. This version of Whipple's supercharger system features a case with a brightly polished finish for a great look on top of its power.

Efficient 2.3L Twin-Screw Head Unit Design

Whipple's complete 500hp Mustang supercharger kit is based around one of Whipple's legendary 2.3L W140AX Twin-Screw supercharger head units. The head unit features a unique Lysholm Twin-Screw design that uses Whipple's Generation II rotor configuration. The highly efficient rotor design pairs a three-lobe male rotor and a five-lobe female rotor that pull charge air between them. Unlike a roots-style design than only compresses air once its in the manifold, the Whipple supercharger system compresses air before its even exited the case, making it far more efficient and powerful than competing supercharger designs. The rotors are driven by a high-quality supercharger pulley that gives the system the ability to hit 9 to 10 psi of boost pressure. The kit comes with a six-rib supercharger belt and complete tensioner and idler assembly. Each of these Whipple W140AX head units is an entirely self-contained and self-lubricated supercharger system that does not require tapping your oil pan. The head unit even features a sight glass for checking oil levels and quality.

Complete Intercooler, Heat Changer, Intake, and Fuel Upgrades

On top of the powerful head unit, each of these Whipple supercharger systems come with supporting modifications that help the W140AX run at its peak efficiency and make maximum horsepower. The head unit dumps its charge air through a a 5" thick, air-to-water, bar-plate intercooler which lowers its temperatures and increases its density to give your Mustang's 3V V8 maximum power. The intercooler's coolant flows through an extra-large heat exchanger to lower its temperatures and keeps the intercooler working at its best. Whipple's supercharger system also comes standard with complete air induction system that features a 9" S&B Powerstack air filter, 95mm MAF housing, and oversized inlet tubing all of which works together to keep the head unit supplied with cool charge air. Keeping your engine supplied with enough fuel to handle the supercharger's greatly increased airflow is a full set of eight 34lb/hr fuel injectors and a GT500 dual fuel bump upgrade.

Features Whipple's own PCM Tuning

Whipple's system includes PCM tuning directly from Whipple themselves. All you need to do is remove your Mustang's engine computer and ship it to Whipple where their expert technicians will upload new tuning files to get maximum power from this kit while keeping your Mustang's engine operating in a safe margin. The Whipple W140AX kit also comes with a full set of 0 range spark plugs, installation hardware, and instructions.

System Includes:

  • Whipple W140AX 2.3L Gen II Twin-Screw Head Unit
  • Complete Intake Manifold
  • High-Capacity air-to-water bar plate intercooler
  • Bypass Valve
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Complete Cold Air Intake System
  • Eight 34lb/hr fuel injectors
  • GT500 Dual Fuel Pump Upgrade
  • Supercharger Pulley capable of 9 to 10psi of boost
  • 6-Rib Supercharger belt
  • Belt tensioner and idlers
  • Eight 0 Range Spark Plugs
  • Install Hardware
  • Instructions

Please select your Mustang model year from the drop-down menu above. This system is for Mustangs with automatic transmissions only.

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