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2017-2019 Raptor & F150 Deaver 1" Lift Rear HD Leaf Springs (Deletes Block) L84HD

2017-2019 Raptor & F150 Deaver 1
2017-2019 Raptor & F150 Deaver 1' Lift Rear HD Leaf Springs (Deletes Block)
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California Prop. 65 Warning
  • Smooths out ride and adds travel and strength
  • Set of 12 progressive leaf springs in single packs
  • Deletes rear block and adds 1" of ride height
  • Diamond-cut ends, anti-friction pads, and military wrapped eyes
  • Comes with U-bolts, bushings, and eye bolts

Adds Travel, Smooths Out Ride, and Can Handle Aggressive Off-Roading

The stock leaf springs on your 2017-2019 Raptor may be a tough off-road machine, but there's still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to both travel and strength. Deaver's complete 1" Lift Heavy-Duty Leaf Springs are built incredibly tough and increase rear suspension travel thanks to their progressive design. Deaver's leaf springs feature a pack of 12 leafs that are thinner than stock that generates a smoother spring rate and compression curve that helps smooth out ride quality both on and off the road. These HD springs are specifically designed to handle extra bed weight from chase racks, tire carriers, bed drawers, or other gear. The springs use Military-wrapped eyelets for improved strength over stock, allowing you to use your Raptor to its full potential off-road. The springs delete your Raptor's factory rear block and install directly onto your Raptor's rear axle and add 1" of rear lift over stock that can help support bed racks or give you back some rake for towing and hauling after a level.

American Made 5160 Steel Leafs with Diamond-Cut Ends and Military Wrap Front Mount

Deaver's Raptor leaf springs are built incredibly strong and come with everything you need to get them installed on your Raptor. The springs are built out of American-Made 5160 spring steel with diamond-cut ends and anti-friction pads between the leafs. Each spring features a military wrap around each eye mount that provides much greater strength than the factory single-wrap setup. The leaf packs feature bolt-through retaining clops that hold the leaf springs together through even the most extreme off-road abuse. Each set of leaf springs comes with a complete U-bolt kit, high-quality bushings for the eyes, and new eye bolts that work together to allow for a seamless installation onto your Raptor without the need to hunt down custom hardware.

  • 2017-2019 Ford Raptor
  • 2015-2019 F150

Heavy-Duty Springs: this version of Deaver's Springs are their Heavy-Duty (HD) variant, which are designed to handle loaded beds. Unloaded ride quality will be stiffer than with Deaver's standard-duty springs.

Eye Bolt Note: you will likely need to cut off the factory eye bolt on the driver's side in order to install these springs, due to its awkward positioning next to the fuel tank. Please use a cut-off wheel and not a torch for obvious reasons.

Standard F150 Fitment: these leaf springs will bolt up to standard F150s without any issues.

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