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2013-2018 Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost SCT X4 Tuner with 5-Star Custom Tune 7015

13-18 Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost 5-Star SCT X4 Tuner w/ Custom Tune
13-18 Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost 5-Star SCT X4 Tuner w/ Custom Tune
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Improve Horsepower, Torque, and Performance with 5-Star's Focus ST Custom Tuning

The hot hatch Focus STs with a 2.0L EcoBoost under their hoods may be pretty quick from the factory, but there's so much more horsepower and torque locked away in their direct-injected and turbocharged engines that can easily be unlocked with a powerful custom tune from 5-Star Tuning. 5-Star's custom performance tune adjusts key parameters within your Focus ST's ECU which allows it to generate much more power than with the factory tuning. 5-Star can even tune your ST to compensate for extremely powerful upgrades like downpipes and certain aftermarket turbochargers so that your mighty ST can make a ton of horsepower and torque and blow away your competition on the street or the track. 5-Star's custom tune comes packaged with an SCT X4 handheld tuner that's easy to use and loaded down with features so that you can get your 5-Star tune of choice running on your hot-hatch, all while keeping tabs on your ST's engine functions and performance.

Handy and Ergonomic SCT X4 Handheld Tuner

SCT's X4 handheld tuner is extremely easy to use and operate and can tune your Focus ST, monitor engine functions, and datalog engine running information, making it a handy tool for ensuring your Focus ST gets the performance and reliability that it deserves. The X4 is built around a large color LCD display with ergonomic button controls and intuitive system of menus that make finding what you need extremely easy. The tuner comes standard with SCT "canned" preloaded tunes, and can also read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), log engine running information, and display just amount any information that is output to your Focus ST's OBD-II port in customizable gauge formats. The X4 comes with an OBD-II cable for hooking into your ST, as well as a USB cable for connecting to your home PC to download firmware updates and new tunes.

Potent 5-Star Performance Tune with All-Around Improved Performance

2013-2018 Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost 5-Star Custom Tune Dyno Results 5-Star's Performance tune brings in the boost pressure much earlier in the rev range resulting in a huge spike in low-end torque, all while revised ignition timing, fuel curves, and more consistent boost pressure hold more power to your Focus ST's redline with less top-end drop-off than stock. During baseline runs on 5-Star's dyno, their 2013 Focus ST test car made peak power numbers of about 170 horsepower and 180lb-ft of torque at the wheels when using 87 octane fuel and 195 horsepower 208lb-ft of torque when using 93 octane fuel on the factory tune. On 5-Star's 93 Octane Performance Tune, their test car made 210 peak horsepower and around 258lb-ft of peak torque. That's a gain of 50lb-ft of torque and 15 horsepower over the baseline 93 octane tune and a whopping 75lb-ft and 40 horsepower gain over the stock tune using 87 octane fuel. Because 5-Star's peak torque comes in so early, your ST gets vastly improved drivability and improved off-the-line performance than with the factory tune. 5-Star also offers 91, 89, and 87 octane performance tunes, if 93 octane isn't available in your area. Please select your choice of tune from the drop-down menu above.

Stage 3's 5-Star Custom Tuning Step-by-Step:
1. You place your order for 5-Star's Custom Tunes.
2. Stage 3 sends you a "blank" tuner without custom tunes.
3. You hook the tuner into your Focus and pull its ECU strategy code and SWPN Number.
4. You fill out our online tune form with the information from your Focus and its strategy code.
5. Once 5-Star creates your tunes, you will be emailed a link to download them.
6. Download 5-Star's tunes to your PC and then load them to your tuning device using SCT's Device Updater Software.
7. Now you can successfully load your 5-Star Custom Tune of choice into your Focus ST.

After you order this system, you are sent a "blank" tuner without any custom tunes. SCT's devices and software are only compatible with Microsoft Windows computers, and will not work with Mac OS X, Linux, or other operating systems. Once the tunes are successfully loaded onto the tuner, you can tune your truck. If we find that your Focus ST is behind on its latest TSB strategy updates, we may require you to have your TSB updates performed at your dealership of choice. Read our TSB Update blog post. If you need more information or assistance, check out our F150 Custom Tuning Page.

Off-Road Exhaust Systems: 5-Star can no longer provide custom tuning for off-road exhaust systems that delete catalytic converters. 5-Star can only tune for catted exhaust systems. However, 5-Star WILL NOT disable your rear oxygen sensors, which may result in a check engine light.
This Product is not CARB-Approved

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