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Stage 3 Motorsports Bucket o' Mud Off-Road Look Application System S3M-MUDBUCKET

Stage 3 Motorsports Bucket o' Mud
Stage 3 Motorsports Bucket o' Mud
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All right, the jig's up

Happy April Fool's 2022! Thank you everyone who put in a review, though I am slightly disappointed no one submitted any Q&As. Regardless, we'll leave this up for posterity's sake so you can poke fun at your buddies or forum members that are either not trying hard enough, or are probably trying too hard.

Thanks for being part of the gag!
Stage 3 Bucket o' Mud Features:
  • Provides an Off-Road look with no actual off-roading
  • Applies a sheen of Arizona mud to your rig
  • Includes dirt and high-quality bucket
  • Just add water to create thick, sticky mud
  • Impress your friends and the opposite sex, because this is what they actually care about
  • Not for human consumption. See notes

Complete Mud Application System for an Off-Road Look without any Actual Off-Roading

Whether you have a bare-bones rig that couldn't handle a trail even if it tried or a fully-built monster of an off-road machine that you're terrified of getting dirty due to a combination of sunk cost fallacy and utter cowardice, getting ignored by your buddies that do hit the trail is never a good feeling. Luckily, we at Stage 3 have your back with our official Bucket o' Mud. Our bucket contains the purest of Arizona dirt inside a high-quality, high-strength 5-gallon bucket (that's fully food-safe). All you have to do is add water, and you'll get all the mud you need to make sure you fit in at the next off-road day with your friends (just tell them you took a different route). Our all-natural, organic dirt formula transforms into mud with just a bit of water, allowing you to apply the mud to your vehicle all in one system. The Bucket o' Mud system is 100% complete out of the box and ready to make your truck or SUV look like it may have been on trail once...maybe.

Includes Locally-Sourced Arizona Dirt and High-Quality, High-Strength Bucket

The Stage 3 Bucket o' Mud System is a self-contained mud application system that was carefully designed to add an off-road look to the truck you wish you took off-road in a matter of minutes. Each Bucket o' Mud is built around a gallon of the purest Sonoran Desert dirt that instantly transforms into impressively sticky mud with the suitable application of water. Our all-natural, organic Arizona dirt has a low environmental impact and is sourced from our very own back yard. The dirt is completely self-contained in a 5-gallon, bucket made out of high-density polyethylene and fitted with a carry handle to aid in transportation. Application is as easy as grasping the bucket with two hands, pointing the open end toward your vehicle, and applying some velocity using your undoubtedly weak arms and shoulders to sling the mud onto your vehicle.

Not for consumption: neither the dirt nor the included bucket are fit for eating, drinking, or stuffing into any bodily orifice.

Will make your truck dirty: this kit will, in fact, make your truck dirty. Yes, your "overland" rig with bumpers, roof rack, RTT, winch, traction boards, Hi-Lift Jack,and a partridge in a pear tree will finally see some dirt. Prepare your body.

No returns: this product cannot be returned once ordered.

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