With a vehicle as versatile as the 2014-2022 4Runner, upgrading and modifying your SUV becomes nearly addictive with the endless amount of customization available on the aftermarket. While this is beneficial for a number of reasons, it can be difficult to find the best accessories for your desired build in the sea of performance parts for the Toyota 4Runner. In today's article, we'll be covering our best LED Tail Light options for your specific vehicle while focusing on the differences between our best budget, best bang-for-your-buck, and best overall replacements. This certainty doesn't encompass everything we have to offer, but it will give you a better understanding on what to look for as you continue to transform your 4Runner into a formidable off-road machine with the best 2014-2022 4Runner LED Tail Lights.

Best Budget 2014-2022 4Runner LED Tail Lights

The factory tail lights on the 2014-2022 4Runner get the job done for basic applications, but their dull appearance and lackluster design leaves a lot to be desired on your vehicle's rear-end. Our friends over at ANZO also recognized this issue which is why they released their 2014-2022 4Runner LED Sequential Tail Lights (Black Housing & Smoked Lenses). If price and affordability is your number one deciding factor, these premium LED tail lights are one of the best options for you. In general, LED tail lights offer sharper illumination and improved rear-end visibility over your SUV's stock halogen bulbs, altering other drivers of your location sooner for a safer overall driving experience. Specifically, the ANZO LED Sequential Tail Lights take things up a notch as they were designed to improve your 4Runner's functionality while updating and modernizing the appearance of it's exterior. These tail lights come standard with sleek black housings that hold the multiple LEDs in place, offering up superior strength and longevity for the more extreme applications you and your off-road companion partake in. The polycarbonate lenses used help protect against impacts from flying road debris, adding another layer of protection to these high-quality units. The lenses in this particular kit are also smoked to help compliment any blacked-out or low-profile styling themes, giving you the ultimate look for your rig. If you're not a fan of the murdered-out appeal, ANZO also offers these premium tail lights with two other styling options including the 2014-2022 4Runner ANZO LED Sequential Tail Lights (Black Housing & Clear Lenses) and the 2014-2022 4Runner ANZO LED Sequential Tail Lights (Chrome Housing & Clear Lenses). Each one of these kits features LED lights for the running, brake, turn signal, and reverse lights to give you the ultimate rear-end illumination in any situation. Additionally, each light comes standard with sequential turn signal functions, giving your truck a unique look on city streets. All three of these light options mount directly in place of your 4Runner's existing components, making for a simple plug-and-play process you can complete in your garage. Completely street legal according to all DOT and SAE requirements, the ANZO LED Sequential Tail Lights are perfect for those looking to save a bit of cash for future modifications down the road.

Best Bang-for-your-Buck 2014-2022 4Runner LED Tail Lights

Now that we've established some of the key components you should be looking for in a set of aftermarket tail lights, it's time to look at some options that will give you the absolute most out of your purchase. In this section, we'll be covering the 2010-2022 4Runner AlphaRex LUXX-Series LED Tail Lights (Alpha Black), and how they can push your vehicle's functionality and style even further. Starting out, these tail lights feature an Alpha Black finish with clear lenses to highlight the glossy details of the LEDS, allowing you to stand out from the crowd the next time you get behind the wheel. What's more, AlphaRex has inspected every detail of these light through rigorous testing to ensure OE quality and utility for a long-lasting tail light that you can show off to all of your friends. Compared to the ANZO lights, AlphaRex built these light's housing with a durable polypropylene material to help resist bending and cracking in even the most extreme environments, so they'll remain looking and performing well for many years to come. Polycarbonate lenses help resist impacts from flying rocks and other road debris while the lens' outer coating helps protect it from yellowing and oxidation over time. When it comes to the meat and potatoes of these tail lights, they feature light tubes that act as both the brake lights and sequential turn signal lights in order to output more obvious indication during daytime driving applications. Lens diffusers and switchblade LEDs allow the lights to switch back and forth between brake and turn signal lights, improving your 4Runner's rear-end illumination ten-fold. Furthermore, AlphaRex integrated a unique light activation feature each time you unlock your SUV, allowing you to enjoy the little details of these lights each time you walk up to your 4Runner. With AlphaRex, you'll also have the option to choose from their 2010-2022 4Runner LUXX-Series LED Tail Lights (Black) and 2010-2022 4Runner LUXX-Series LED Tail Lights (Black-Red). These two alternatives will match all of your truck's exterior colors for a more integrated look while the black housing creates a sportier appearance. Don't go unnoticed under the night sky and instead pick any of these AlphaRex LED Tail Lights to supply your SUV with one of the best performing tail lights to touch the aftermarket.

Best Overall 2014-2022 4Runner LED Tail Lights

If you're somebody who demands the absolute best and most aggressive modifications for your vehicle, we've picked out the 2010-2022 4Runner Morimoto XB LED Tail Lights just for you! The standard image of these tail lights don't do them any justice, so we've picked out a more accurate image you can view right below this paragraph to show off these light's true nature. These tail lights feature dual raised sections on the lenses that add a more tactical appearance when mounted up on your 4Runner. While this may not be for everybody, after they're installed they appear to be at home as they compliment the contours of your SUV's exterior. Additionally, the sequential turn signal function has an undeniably modern appeal, making them perfect paired with a set of premium aftermarket 2014-2022 4Runner Headlights. Constructed using polycarbonate lenses and injection molded ABS housings, this particular set of lights is much stronger than comparable alternatives, ensuring they'll stand up to everything you throw at them. The high-quality construction of these lights result in an IP67 waterproof rating to keep out dust and moisture in even the worst environments. Additionally, the UV-coated lenses are finished with a stylish smoked appearance that isn't too aggressive, and was made to stay clean and bright for the foreseeable future. Morimoto only offers these tail lights with the smoked appearance, but there's really no need for any other styling options as these will match any 4Runner colorway without compromise. Moving on, the light source of these tail lights come from SSC LEDs, and feature red running, brake, and parking lights with amber turn signal lights that pierce through the night sky better than most aftermarket options available. Each light function features it's own LEDs to give your 4Runner a rounded appearance without the possibility of failure. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a set of these tail lights, your 4Runner will sport an impressive rear-end look for every driving application you have in mind. We know you already adventure like a pro, so start acting like it by investing in some premium LED tail lights for your 2014-2022 Toyota 4Runner.

Final Thoughts

While none of these tail light options are egregiously better than other, there are a few key takeaways that you should know before making your purchase. The ANZO LED tail lights are more of an aesthetic upgrade to your factory components, compared to the AlphaRex and Morimoto options that provide enhanced illumination along with killer good looks. That's not to say the ANZO won't improve your 4Runner's rear-end visibility, but there won't be a major improvement of illumination to the naked eye. The AlphaRex LUXX-Series tail lights offer up solid aftermarket upgrade to ensure you'll certainly get what you pay for, and the Morimoto XB Tail Lights are one of the most sought after upgrades from off-road enthusiasts alike. You can also pair any of these premium tail lights with some high-quality 2014-2022 4Runner Headlights,, giving your ride a whole new look and feel while improving its overall lighting output and visibility. Depending on your desired style and appearance, any one of these aftermarket tail light options will enhance the appeal and utility of your 4Runner's exterior. Don't get caught slacking when reversing on dark trails, and instead pick up any one of the 2014-2022 4Runner LED Tail Light options we offer right here at Stage 3.

Best 2014-2022 4Runner LED Tail Lights

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