The face of your 2021 Bronco is arguably the most important aesthetic of the entire vehicle. The classic flat faced design of your modern 4 door or 2 door Bronco pays homage to the original Broncos of the 20th century without going crossing the line of outdated design. One of the simplest, yet most effective, upgrades you can make to toughen up the look of the boxy design is by adding a bull bar. To the casual consumer a bull bar looks to be nothing more than a slab of steel slapped onto vehicles, but to you, the informed enthusiast, the bar represents protection, styling, and as you'll see in the remainder of this blog: lighting. These nudge bars fit 4 Door Broncos and 2 Door Broncos only.

Bronco with Nudge Bar

2021 Bronco Rough Country Nudge Bar

Let's start off with the basics. Rough Country's Nudge Bar alone makes a wonderful statement accessory on the face of your 2021 Bronco. The simple and sleek design of this steel nudge bar adds aggressive flair without stealing too much attention away from the rest of your build. While the styling is important, we all know that practicality is key. Luckily, Rough Country kept that in mind when they developed and constructed this Nudge Bar using 3-inch thick tubular steel. Any obstacles that may have dented or scratched your grille will now be casually tossed aside so you can carry on with your joyride, stress free, through trails, up rocks, and even in proximity to other vehicles. A corrosion resistant black powder coats the bar preventing UV, water, and impact damage to the bar over time. Essentially, you'll have yourself a nudge bar that has the potential to be passed down from generation to generation. Heirloom potential here. The practicality doesn't end there. Rough Country's Nudge Bar for the 2021 Bronco offers integrated mounting options for LED lights and light bars they offer. The innovative design lets you choose between their 20" single row LED bars or up to four individually housed lighting options. Easy bolt-on installation that requires minimal cutting or drilling into the body of your precious Bronco makes this particular nudge/bull/push bar the perfect choice for anybody.

Rough Country Nudge Bar 20 Inch LED Bar Kits

Rough Country has long established themselves as one of the most prolific LED manufacturers for off-road vehicles. They continue to utilize their prominence in the lighting world by offering three different 20" LED Bar options for their 2021 Bronco Nudge Bar. They offer the Black Series, Black Series with Daytime Running Lights, and the Chrome Series for those of you who would prefer a single row LED bar to mount the face of your Bronco. The single row LED bars match the design of the Bronco as a whole. Hard edges and sharp corners help maintain a futuristic look when it comes to the appearance. All three of these LED bars essentially look the same barring the back plate behind the lights themselves. The Black Series and Black Series with Daytime Running Lights feature black back plates that accentuate black trim, wheels, and any other black accessories really. Combined with other black modifications, one could say the uniformity of the black color offers a stealthy appearance. The Chrome Series LED Bar, you guessed it, features a chrome back plate. This is the perfect hallmark of an industrially styled Bronco that may be more interested in classic steel wheels. All three lighting options aforementioned are housed in durable die-cast aluminum and are equipped with moisture breathing tech. This prevents build-up of any types of moisture behind the lens, and to further prove their worthiness Rough Country has ensured that all three options are IP67 waterproof allowing them to stay submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without sustaining any damage. In terms of performance, there really is no difference. The Black Series and Black Series with Daytime Running Lights both produce 7,200 lumens utilizing 20 CREE LEDs. It should go without saying that the Black Series with Daytime Running Lights feature daytime running lights that gives your Bronco additional visibility for increased safety. The Chrome Series LED Bar produces 7,200 lumens as well using the same amount of CREE LEDs, so the decision should be made on how you feel about the slight variations in styling.

Rough Country Nudge Bar With Four 4" Round LED Lights

Where the 20" LED Bars may add to the more modern design, the individually housed LEDs Rough Country offers have the potential to call back to the old school off-roading days Broncos have seen. 4" Round LEDs in particular are a direct tribute tot old school circular LEDs that you could find strapped to the roof or grille of an Bronco I or Bronco II. Housed in durable die-cast aluminum as well, these rounded LEDs offer every bit of technology that the 20" LED Bars are equipped with. That means IP67 waterproof housing, moisture breather technology, and ease of installation. Utilizing 54 watts and 36 total LEDS, the 4" Round LED lights provide you with 4,320 lumens to illuminate any path you wish to tackle with your 2021 Bronco at your command. Once again, minor drilling/cutting is required to install these properly.

4-in Round LEDs

Rough Country Nudge Bar With Four 3" Wide Angle OSRAM LED Lights

These particular LED lights offer a unique blend of modern and classic. The 3" Wide Angle OSRAM LEDs maintain the individually housed lighting options similar to the Round LEDs, yet incorporate a slick, modern design more akin to the 20" LED Light Bars. Together, these elements combine to create a gnarly, and practical, set of lights that'll fit any Bronco perfectly. Utilizing 30, five-watt OSRAM LEDs the 3" Wide Angle OSRAM LEDs provide 13,500 lumens. Far and away brighter than any of the other lighting solutions mentioned, these lights may be more suitable for the hardcore operator who can't risk missing a single hazard. With a 140 degree wide-angle beam protruding from these lights, it'd be hard for anybody to miss anything. Minor drilling and cutting is required to install these lights correctly, so keep that in mind if you're wanting to avoid any modifications to the body of your 2021 Bronco.

3in WA OSRAM LED Lights

All kits include all necessary hardware, installation instructions, and one premium, flat-wound wiring harness with an on/off switch

Fitment: 2021 Bronco 4 Door and 2021 Bronco 2 Door

  • Minor drilling/cutting is required to install each of these kits
  • May interfere with parking, proximity, and external cruise control sensors
  • LEDs are for off-road use only

2021 Bronco Rough Country Nudge Bar and Lighting Kits

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