Baja Designs' lineup of extremely powerful and flawless-quality off-road LED lights are some of the most impressive lighting systems on the market today, and many Baja Designs off-road lights have ended up on several of our very own project trucks over the years. No you can add some serious off-road lighting to your very own rig while getting a nice chunk of change back from our friends at Baja Designs. From now until December 2nd, Baja Designs is offering up to a $100 rebate on select LED light bars and other rebates on their smaller accessory lighting parts. Baja Designs is giving you back $50 on S2 Pairs, Squadron Pairs, XL80 Pairs, and RTL Series lights; $75 on 10" to 20" S8 and OnX6 light bars, XL80 Series Lights, LP6 Pairs, and LP9 Pairs; and $100 back on XL Laser Series, Full Laser Series, 30" to 60" S8 and OnX6 LED light bars. Check out Baja Design's Rebate Form for more info!

Baja Designs Black Friday Rebates!